All-star artists team for Double Visions charity art auction mega-pieces

Double Visions auction art
(Image credit: Hero Initiative / BINC Foundation)

Hero Initiative, the charity dedicated to helping comic book creators in medical or financial need is adding a new wrinkle to their Double Visions fundraiser with the BINC Foundation (Book Industry Charitable Foundation). They're doubling up on the Double Visions.  

Double Visions is an art auction that kicked off in early February that features two comic book artists teaming to draw original art starring two comic book characters to benefit two comic book charities - the Hero Initiative and the BINC Foundation’s Comicbook United Fund, which helps comic book retailers in need due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

Two new pieces are being added this week that multiply the double-up concept. 

(Image credit: Hero Initiative / BINC Foundation)

Dan Jurgens, Tom Grummett, Butch Guice, and Jon Bogdanove have teamed up to create a new "jam piece" featuring Steel, Superboy, Cyborg Superman, and Eradicator, the four 'replacement' Supermen who appeared as part of 'Reign of the Supermen,' the third chapter of the classic '92-93 'Death of Superman' story arc.

Jurgens, Grummett, Guice, and Bogdanove are the story arc's original artists. 

And then doubling up once again, eight artists - Ron Lim (Thanos and the image's layouts), Mike Mayhew (She-Hulk), Todd Nauck (Gamora), Mike McKone (Iron Man), Khoi Pham (Captain America), Tom Raney (Warlock), Walter Simonson (Thor), Scott Williams (Silver Surfer), and Adam Kubert (inking Lim's Thanos) - team-up for a Marvel Universe vs. Thanos image. 

(Image credit: Hero Initiative / BINC Foundation)

Lim, of course, is one of the original artists of the original Infinity Gauntlet and subsequent Infinity limited series that serve as the backbone of Marvel Studios' entire big-screen Infinity Stones storyline. 

All Double Visions art is being auctioned off five pieces at a time and a gallery of available art can be found at Hero Initiative’s website.

And look for more additional announcements featuring comic book superstars such as Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez, Kubert, Ed McGuinness, Dale Keown, Dave Johnson, Jeff Johnson, Mico Suayan, and Jerome Opeña in the coming weeks. 

Check out creator Dexter Vines' testimonial about the assistance he's received from Hero Initiative.

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