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Sponsored: Aliens: Colonial Marines 'Kick Ass' trailer

Those waiting for evidence of just how far Aliens: Colonial Marines intends to go in regards to securing Private Hudson’s title of Ultimate Badass should certainly find it in this new trailer. Be in no doubt; the working day of a Colonial Marine trapped on a harsh planet teeming with Xenomorphs does not look to be an easy one. What it does look to be however, is a riot of gunfire, strobe lights and the enforced bodily detonation of a whole legion of unpleasant teeth-gnashing things that really do require a good dose of detonating.

The trailer has the whole gamut of Colonial Marine firepower – from pulse rifles to flamethrowers to Smartguns to auto-sentry turrets - being use with extreme and very messy prejudice. Also, power loaders. Turns out they break an Alien neck most effectively.

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