Aliens: Colonial Marines gameplay info

-Itwill feature four-player drop in co-op. With either system link, split screen or online multiplayer support, you'll be able to face the horde of xenomorphs alongside your buddies. Or run away and leave them to deal with the mess. Whichever.

- It has quick-time events. But, fortunately, instead of huge button-icons appearing on screen and destroying the brooding atmosphere, subtle colour-coded tingesto the edges of your view will alert you to a required button press. Though OPM rekon it takes some getting used to.

- Gearbox haven't put the acid blood in yet. Eventually, the acid blood splurged from wounded aliens will scar and damage the environment - though not quite so much that the floor will fall out from under you.

But when OPM saw Colonial Marines, the blood wasn't wreaking this sort of havoc, though Gearbox assure us all that "there will be acid blood in the game".

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