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Alien: Isolation Archive logs location guide

Mission 16 - Transmission 

NOTE: Collecting the following logs requires backtracking across various areas of the game, and this mission is the best time to do it.

72 Removal Of Transit

Lorenz Systech Spire Upper Level: Exiting the main Lobby and going down the stairs to the south of it, turn right at the bottom then go into the right hand corridor and use your Ion Torch to remove the panel. Go through the vents into the locked room next to it then access the terminal.

66 Cutting Ties

Sevastopol Scimed Tower Transit Station: Use the handle to exit the locked room you just entered, then turn right to the transit station and travel to Scimed Tower. When you arrive in the area, turn right and go up the stairs, then right at the top and through the door by the counter. Follow the corridor round to the right until you reach a locked door, hack it with the Security Tuner then listen to the recording inside the room.

41 Prep The Patients

Head to the west end of Scimed Tower and take the lift to San Cristobal Medical. Go west then north on the Primary Care Floor until you reach the lift to the Crisis Stabilization Unit.

San Cristobal Medical Facility Crisis Stabilization Unit: Head west and work your way anticlockwise to the centre of the looping corridor, then use the Security Tuner to hack the door and enter the rooms beyond to listen to a recording.

146 Goodbye

Travel to Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal - this can be accessed through Solomons Habitation Tower via transit, then going from the Lower to Upper Galleria Concourse and heading to the Spaceflight Terminal at the west end of the map.

Sevastopol Spaceflight Terminal Arrivals and Departures: In the Spaceflight Terminal, turn right then head down the corridor towards baggage claim, then loop round to the left and find the locked door. Open it with your Ion Torch then play the recording on the desk.

Once you’ve finished all your collectibles backtracking, it’s easiest to Load Mission Save for Mission 16 and continue from that point.

137 Journal Entry # 340

Seegson Communications Monitoring Rooms: When you reach the early corridor with a flaming android, use the Ion Torch to remove the panel on the left then crawl through the vents to the next room and play the recording on the crate.

151 Torrens Co-ordinates

This is added automatically during the course of the mission.

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