Alba: A Wildlife Adventure dev reveals one million trees have been planted thanks to game sales

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure
(Image credit: UsTwo Games)

Alba: A Wildlife Adventure's charity initiative has resulted in one million trees planted around the world.

Just yesterday on December 2, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure developer UsTwo Games announced the news through a blog post on Medium. "It’s been one whole year since we launched our most nature loving title, Alba: A Wildlife Adventure. With the support of our players and communities, we made a promise to plant a tree for every copy of the game that landed in the hands of our players," the blog post begins.

One year later, the initiative has resulted in a grand total of one million trees being planted throughout the globe. That's a staggering feat, and developer UsTwo Games goes on to thank every player who purchased Alba (not literally) in their blog post, as well as highlighting Apple Arcade and publishing partners PID Games, who helped get the adventure game to the market in the first place.

To top this all off though, UsTwo Games announces through the post that they're actually not stopping planting trees. The developer actually still plans to honor its original pledge to build a tree for every copy of Alba sold, so in other words, if you haven't yet played Alba: A Wildlife Adventure and quite like the sound of planting a tree with your name on it (again, not literally), then you can still take part.

It was actually just over a year ago, in November 2020, when UsTwo Games announced the initiative in the first place. Alba: A Wildlife Adventure had barely been out for a month at that point, coming first to the Apple Arcade subscription service, but the developer put the pledge first and foremost among their post-launch plans. As time went on, and Alba ended up coming to console platforms as well as Nintendo Switch, UsTwo Games still kept up with their pledge, resulting in the brilliant milestone we're seeing today.

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