Remedy files trademark for 'Alan Wake's Return'

Alan Wake's future has been shrouded in mystery and darkness for years, and not the kind that goes away when you point a flashlight at it. But with Quantum Break just weeks away from its release date, it looks like Remedy Entertainment is starting to shine some light on Alan Wake's Return.

No, really, "Alan Wake's Return" is the name, according to a European trademark application apparently filed by Remedy on Tuesday and spotted by NeoGAF user ekim. And yes, it does share its title with the new book Mr. Wake begins at the end of the final (DLC) chapter of the original game. The trademark is specifically for "games software", so don't worry about it just being a cheeky novelization of the in-game story (which I would still totally read at this point).

The trademark application also lines up with a website domain name first staked out way back in 2007 by Remedy's usual registrar. The alternative spelling was snagged back in June 2015 by the same company, indicating some renewed interest.

Every copy of Quantum Break will come with a downloadable, backwards compatible version of Alan Wake (his story even appears as an overt Easter egg in the game). Alan Wake's American Nightmare tied up a few loose ends back in May 2012, but there's still an ocean of possibility for the insomniac author to navigate - hopefully this all means Remedy will let us dive back in soon.

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