Airtight Games teases new title from Portal dev Kim Swift

Kim Swift, project lead on Portal – not to mention designer of Narbacular Drop, the student project that first inspired the game – will be revealing a new game at PAX Prime this weekend, says Square Enix, who will publish the title. Swift's new title, teased as “incredibly fascinating and quirky,” is being developed by Airtight Games, which hired the designer in 2009 following her credit for work on Valve titles including Portal, Left 4 Dead and Half-Life 2: Episodes 1 and 2. Not too much is known of the new game, though it's not like it has anything to live up to.

Above: Airtight is certainly making good on its name when it comes to information on the new project. Here's the only image on offer

“We have an awesome new game that just moved forward at about 100 miles per hour,” teased Airtight back in February. Since then, the company – whose members previously worked on Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge, but whose work under the Airtight banner is limited to the distinctly so-so Dark Void – has teased an “ambitious AAA title in a genre that is both unique and refreshingly unexplored as well as an exciting new mid-sized game with all kinds of physical possibilities.” This statement, a contender for the most ambiguous collection of words ever assembled in English, probably relates in some way to Swift, whose best-known work is on a game that a trustworthy website once called “the #1 best game of all time.” Until 7pm PST Saturday, at which time Swift and co. will give a panel discussion offering details on the title, the game must exist Schrödinger's Cat-style: in an unknown state of simultaneous Dark Void-like mediocrity and Portal-esque brilliance.

Aug 23, 2011