Age of Conan tops GTA IV in Europe

If there's any game likely to remove GTA IV from the top of the German charts, it's a PC game, and Age of Conan has gone and done it.

Funcom's Hyborian Adventures went and nabbed the number one chart slot from Rockstar in both Germany and Sweden, sending GTA IV to number two in the territories.

In the UK, GTA IV still reigns supreme, with Conan sitting in the number two slot.

In Spain though, both Conan and GTA failed to reach the top spot; Wii Play took instead.

A strong performance is expected from the head-chopping MMO, with Funcom already reporting that it's been unable to fulfill all pre-orders for the game (we bet most of them come from Germany).

It came out in the UK last week. Our boys are currently playing through it, and you'll have the review shortly.

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab).

Jun 2, 2008