Ace Attorney 20th anniversary website features event details and exclusive merchandise

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Capcom’s Ace Attorney series is celebrating its 20th anniversary today with the launch of a new commemorative website. 

The new website features a tonne of anniversary celebrations including a message from the Ace Attorney Series Development Team who thanks fans of the series for enjoying the series over the past two decades. 

The message highlights what a long life the series has lived, starting as a game on the Game Boy Advance in 2001 and spawning countless sequels and spin-offs. Not only this but it has also been adapted several times into a movie, animated tv show, a live-action series, and even a stage show and orchestra performance. "I believe this is a testament to the support of many people," the statement continues, "and not something that Capcom could have done alone. I am truly grateful."

Lower down on the website we are greeted with info about an Ace Attorney exhibition, which opened on October 1 and will continue being held in Japan until October 18, 2021. The celebrations don’t stop there though as the website is also offering commemorative goods such as exclusive limited edition prints drawn by character designer and art director on the series Yusuke Nakamura and Kazuya Nuri. 

What’s got some people chatting though is the inclusion of a history section on the website that is labeled as "coming soon" and will detail the timeline of the Ace Attorney series so far. Although fans aren’t expecting any kind of announcement to come from this website, it is strange that the series timeline isn’t live the same day that the anniversary event is taking place. 

One thing’s for certain though, the Ace Attorney series is nowhere near being done as a final statement on the website reads: "We hope that you will continue to enjoy the Ace Attorney series in a variety of ways, and we look forward to working with you for many years to come." Not only this but Capcom recently wanted to know if fans want more Ace Attorney games

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