Capcom wants to know if fans want more Ace Attorney games

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Capcom is asking for Ace Attorney fans to fill out a survey that could alter the future of the series. 

Following the release of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, which was previously only available on the 3DS and mobile in Japan, the game’s developer Capcom wants to know how players felt about the game and whether they’d want to see more games in the series in the future. 

The appropriately named ‘The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles User Survey’ asks its participants a series of questions ranging from what console did you play the game on, have you played any Ace Attorney games previously - and if so, which ones - and their general opinions on the story, soundtrack, and other visual aspects. 

The question that has piqued everyone’s interest though is: ‘If a new Great Ace Attorney game is released in the future, do you think you would buy it?’ to which users are presented with a number of options in the range of “I will definitely purchase it” to “I will definitely not purchase it.”

Capcom has never been shy about expanding the Ace Attorney series, ever since it was first released on Gameboy Advance back in 2001. The series has evolved to feature six mainline games, which span over several consoles from the Nintendo DS to the Nintendo Switch, and has also generated five spin-off titles, one of which is a crossover game with fellow investigator Professor Layton, and three being the aforementioned The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles.  

If this is the first time you’re hearing the names Phoenix Wright or Miles Edgeworth, here’s a brief overview of the series. Phoenix Wright stars in the main Ace Attorney series as a defense attorney who is often tasked with defending a cast of exuberant characters in court. Players must investigate the scene of the crime, interview suspects, and provide evidence in court to clear their client’s name. 

What’s different about The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles though is this now expected formula is turned on its head as players are instead presented with a historical story which follows Phoenix Wright’s ancestor as well as Ryunosuke Naruhodo, a student during the Victorian era. You’ll still have to solve a high-profile murder case, however this time in an era without the likes of CCTV, DNA tracing, or phone records. 

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