Abandoned dev warns of scam emails after YouTube channel gets hacked

(Image credit: Blue Box Games)

Abandoned developer Blue Box Game Studios has warned followers of scam emails after its YouTube channel was hacked.

Yesterday, the official Blue Box Game Studios Twitter account put out the statement just below, warning followers not to open an email from the development studio. This is apparently due to the studio's YouTube channel being hacked, and now emails are asking recipients for payment for Abandoned.

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In a separate tweet, Blue Box confirmed that it's working with YouTube to resolve the hack, and get its channel back as soon as possible. Here's hoping none of the recipients of the scam emails sent out by the hackers actually did end up paying a fee for pre-ordering the developer's forthcoming game.

Speaking of, it's been a fair while since we've heard of Abandoned, the game everyone decided was a secret Hideo Kojima project, then wasn't a secret Hideo Kojima project. Back in September, the development studio commented that the final game actually isn't called "Abandoned" at all, and admitted the project was revealed too soon.

This is following a series of delays to the game's native PS5 app. The app, which was intended to unveil Abandoned's new technology, was delayed throughout the early portion of 2021, finally launching in August with little more than a brief teaser clip, with the promise of more to come. Since then, we've heard incredibly little from the developer, until now. 2021 didn't end well for Blue Box Game Studios, and 2022 hasn't begun in the best fashion.

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