Abandoned isn't called Abandoned and was "announced too soon"

Abandoned PS5 exclusive
(Image credit: Sony / Blue Box Games Studios)

Abandoned developer Blue Box Games released an FAQ acknowledging that the game was announced too early on and confirming that its official title will be changed in a future reveal. 

The FAQ is live at the footer of the studio's website. It opens with when we'll learn more, which is one question many people have been asking since the release of the game's PS5 reveal app, which, in the words of Blue Box director Hasan Kahraman, was a "big disaster". Evidently, the short clip in the app is a trimmed version of the full teaser which will be released "soon," though Blue Box couldn't provide an exact timeline. Its official title will also "be announced with the gameplay reveal," replacing the working title Abandoned. 

The studio says it's "working hard to reveal Abandoned ASAP" but that the game "is not ready for the public eye" despite months of lead-up. With this in mind, Blue Box also addressed the many delays that have saddled Abandoned since its reveal. "Abandoned was announced too soon," the FAQ reads. "Also, we received a bigger audience than we initially had, so we had to polish the game even more. Even now, the game isn't ready for the public eye to see." 

Part of that "bigger audience" was attracted by rumors and theories that Blue Box and Abandoned were somehow connected to Silent Hill and Hideo Kojima, but the studio's quick to deny such speculation again here. Blue Box also confirmed that Abandoned is totally separate from its previous (and unfinished) game The Haunting, which charted a startlingly similar path to Abandoned several years ago. Nevertheless, if you purchased The Haunting while it was in Early Access, Kahraman says you'll receive Abandoned for free when it finally arrives.  

Blue Box says Abandoned is a survival horror shooter where "the primary focus isn't entirely horror," so check out the best horror games if you're looking for a purely spooky experience.

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