A Titanfall 2 VR mode experiment let players "feel the scale" of its imposing mechs

Titanfall 2 will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on October 28, by which point the three major virtual reality headsets will all be available for purchase. So what are the odds we'll ever see a Titanfall 2 VR mode, or even so much as a VR mission? Well, that depends on how you choose to interpret the words of Joel Emslie, art director on Titanfall 2.

"We experimented with VR in Titanfall. It was unbelievable. For the first time ever, I looked up at a Titan, and it was like walking up to one of our 20-foot tall statues. You feel the scale of it," Emslie told GamesRadar at Gamescom 2016. "The only catch is, can you do all this without making … the FPS genre is so fast-paced and so kinetic. Can you apply stuff like VR into that genre without making people just vomit all over their controllers?"

Emslie repeatedly referred to his experience as an "experiment," and though he said it was "really neat to see it that way," he also hesitated to say whether VR would play a part in the future of the series. In that case, we might just have to trust Emslie's description of the experience:

"It was so cool."

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Sam Prell

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