"A Prayer For Peace"

After making headlines for his decision not to promote upcoming Olympics based gritfest Munich, The Beard has been chatting to Time magazine about the message behind the movie.

The highly anticipated flick is based on the Israeli response to the murder of eleven of its athletes by a Palestinian group at the 1972 Olympics in Munich and stars Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush and Daniel Craig.

Spielberg spoke of how he feels the movie can have a positive impact on the long-running troubles in the Middle East. ”I don't think any movie or any book or any work of art can solve the stalemate in the Middle East today. But it's worth a try,” the helmer stated. “Somewhere inside all this intransigence there has to be a prayer for peace.”

Despite the movie's subject matter, the Jaws lenser was quick to point out that he doesn't see conventional 'good guys' and 'bad guys' in his tale. “We don't demonise our targets,” Spielberg stated. “They're individuals. They have families. Although what happened in Munich, I condemn.”

Spielberg believes the key to solving the confrontation is to start with those who will listen, the children. The Beard plans to go to the region and hand out video cameras for local children to film themselves going about their daily lives. “Just little documentaries about who they are and what they believe in, who their parents are, where they go to school, what they had to eat, what movies they watch, what CDs they listen to.”

”That's the kind of thing that can be effective, I think, in simply making people understand that there aren't as many differences that divide Israelis and Palestinians. Not as human beings anyway.”