A playable version of the canceled GoldenEye remaster has leaked online

(Image credit: Rare)

A playable version of the canceled GoldenEye 007 Xbox 360 remaster has appeared online, days after gameplay footage emerged on Youtube.

A two-hour longplay of the remastered game showed up last week, showing off the entire game with its updated graphics. The YouTuber behind that video, Graslu00, said they wouldn't provide a link to play the game, but that hasn't prevented it from spreading anyway, and now increasing numbers of people are getting access to the complete experience, as spotted by IGN.

For a project that was canceled more than a decade ago, it sounds as though the game is in a pretty complete state. That's likely because Microsoft and Activision are thought to have failed to reach a deal with Nintendo to adapt the N64 game, in spite of all the work that developer Rare had put into it.

Graslu00 says they used the Xenia emulator to achieve a slightly higher resolution while playing on PC. It's worth pointing out that while a cursory internet search is now pretty likely to turn up a playable version of the game, emulation remains a bit of a legal grey area, especially since the project has probably leaked out of Rare, which would likely be within its rights to limit access to it in future. 

If you're utterly desperate to replay GoldenEye 007, it's probably a safer bet to dig out an old N64, or failing that, the 2010 Wii adaptation.

If you're looking for the future of Bond (while also sort of looking to the past), Project 007 is a prequel from the people behind the Hitman games.

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