A new Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic game could be on the way from studio behind the mobile ports

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The developers of the mobile port of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic could be working on a new game in the series that's rumored to be in development.

As noted by Russian site DTF, Aspyr Media is currently recruiting for an unannounced AAA RPG, having previously developed ports for a number of old Star Wars games, bringing Knights of the Old Republic II to iOS and two of the Jedi Knight games to Nintendo Switch and PS4 in recent years. That's not much to go on by itself, but the site also notes that a large number of Bioware veterans who have left the company's Austin studio in recent years and have wound up at Aspyr.

They include Courtney Woods, a former writer and lead community coordinator on Star Wars: The Old Republic; Daniel Hayden, who worked as both senior designer and cinematic designer on multiple projects, including the Star Wars franchise; and Andrew Lauretta, who worked as Bioware's animation & tech art lead on Star Wars: The Old Republic; among several other members of Aspyr's 150-person team.

Last week, rumours surrounding a new KOTOR game sprung up from a Star Wars podcast, suggesting that the title wasn't being developed within EA. That automatically disqualifies Bioware, and while that doesn't automatically mean Aspyr could be involved with the potential project, their track record is pretty good with ports. 

It is, of course, worth pointing out that many of its recent Bioware hires don't line up with the development of the original Knights of the Old Republic games, but their involvement with the more recent Star Wars MMO would definitely prove useful. We've reached out to an Aspyr Media representative for comment.

EA's exclusive rights to the development of Star Wars games are due to expire in 2023, paving the way for other studios to start making their own takes on a galaxy far, far away. Most notable among all of those is Ubisoft, whose Massive studio is already working on what looks to be an open-world Star Wars experience.

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