A new Red Dead Online update adds more clothing items, open target races for Xbox One, and plenty of bonus cash for players

Rockstar announced that a new update to Red Dead Online is adding open target races to the Xbox One version of the game, the jawbone knife, new clothing items, and a thirty percent bonus on all gold and cash earned through May 2. It launched earlier today. 

Open target races, where you race on horseback to shoot targets across a segment of the map, were previously only available for Playstation 4 players. The update also included the jawbone knife, which you can get from the fence, the Diamondback hat, Comstok boots, vests, gloves, and three new emotes.

Players also get a thirty percent bonus on cash and gold for all free roam missions and events, showdown modes including gun rush, and all land of opportunities missions until May 2. 

Rockstar still has another, more meaty update planned for Spring, although players are getting tired of waiting for more things to do in Rockstar's western playground. Players expressed their disappoint in the lack of communication and additional content around Red Dead Online in hundreds of tweets and comments in response the the update on both Twitter and Reddit

The new Spring update, which doesn't have a confirmed release date yet, should bring a number of new features including a hostility system meant to address online griefing issues, several more missions across different modes, dynamic events like ambushes, and a few other things. You can read all the details on Rockstar's official site

It's clear that Red Dead Online isn't performing to Rockstar and Take-Two's standards as GTA Online is still making five times the amount Red Dead online is bringing in. More meaningful content could bring players back to the Wild West, although it may not be possible for Red Dead Redemption 2's multiplayer mode to ever reach the same levels of success as GTA Online. 

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