A moment of Star Wars: The Last Jedi foreshadowing may hint at Kylo and Rey being related

Daisy Ridley as Rey in front of an out-of-focus Kylo Ren in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: Kylo Ren and Rey might be related. Yep. Sorry to bring up that old chestnut again, but a new piece of Star Wars: The Last Jedi foreshadowing has surfaced and, beyond it being extremely cool with its absurd attention-to-detail, it’s probably our best piece of evidence yet that the pair are inextricably linked.

First, the foreshadowing. Remember Rey’s lightsaber training on Ahch-To? Her wild swings and performative thrusts had all the makings of a Jedi Master. So much so, they even show up again as Kylo fights ‘Luke’ on Crait. In fact, it’s pretty much identical as Reddit user egoshoppe points out. Take a look.

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It could be nothing but you’d imagine Rian Johnson and company put in a lot of work to that mirror image for very good reason – there’s some sort of link between the Kylo and Rey. It may be a simple Force link – though we already know that thanks to their Forcetiming and it’s not the best reveal in the world if they pull that out of the hat in Star Wars 9 – but it could be something more.

Remember who confirmed to Rey the identity of her parents. That’s right: Kylo Ren. Who better to hide her lineage than her possible brother, ashamed of what he’s become? Star Wars has a long, long history of family disputes, so don’t put it past the franchise to revisit that well once more.

I’d love for this to be the case. As much as I appreciate Rey being a nobody from nowhere, it doesn’t do justice to her relationship with Kylo. It’s a terrific story beat, too, hidden in the language of movement and lightsabers: Kylo Ren says one thing but his own body betrays him. What do you make of it? 

Family feuds or otherwise, that doesn't change the fact there's plenty of new Star Wars movies headed our way very soon.

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