A leaked League of Legends spin-off focuses on a traumatic civil war

League of Legends
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An unannounced League of Legends game appears to have leaked via the Korean game rating board.

As spotted by Gematsu (opens in new tab), the listing is for a title called Mageseeker: A League of Legends Story, and a translated description confirms that the project is an action game featuring the League of Legends character Sylas. The only other information in the listing states that the game features "continuous battle scenes" against both human and non-human foes, but is suitable to players 12 years old and above, presumably suggesting that it's pretty light on the gore.

Mageseeker comes via Riot Forge, Riot's in-house game developer publishing smaller League of Legends experiences. So far, that's included turn-based RPG Ruined King and rhythm game Hextech Mayhem, which both launched in 2021. Also confirmed were the adventure game Song of Nunu, releasing this year, and action-platformer Convergence, which is still listed as "coming soon" on Steam.

While Convergence and Song of Nunu focus more on the isolated stories of specific characters, Mageseeker seems likely to follow in the footsteps of Ruined King, which expands one of League of Legends' most sprawling narratives, or Arcane, the animated series that tackled a broad array of characters from the same region.

Sylas fits within one of those broader narratives. The character was born with magic powers in the in-universe kingdom of Demacia, where such skills are outlawed. Imprisoned, Sylas manipulated Lux, a young noblewoman (hiding her own magical abilities) to break him free, whereupon he ignited a rebellion known as the Demacian Civil War. After that, he's hidden out in the frozen wastes in the far north of League of Legends' world, which is likely where we'll find him fighting those non-human foes.

There's no word on when we might see Mageseeker, but its presence within the ratings board suggests that it might not be very far away at all. 

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