A Hurt for The Hulk

The cast of Marvel’s Hulk sequel - The Incredible Hulk- keeps getting ever more packed with quality thesps.

William Hurt has agreed to join the likes of Ed Norton, Liv Tyler and Tim Roth in the new Hulk movie. He’s inheriting the role played by Sam Elliott in Ang Lee’s film - General Thaddeus “Thunderbolt” Ross - the man who is determined to capture or destroy the titular creature, and who just so happens to be the father of Betty, love interest of Bruce Banner (Ed Norton), the Hulk’s human alter ego.

The new flick, which has Banner on the run, trying to evade capture while also searching for a cure to his Hulking problem will also find him facing up to villainous Emily Blonksy (Roth), who exposed himself to the same gamma rays that originally kick started Banner’s transformation and resulted in the creation of the deadlier, stronger beast known as the Abomination.

Louis Leterrier starts directing Zak Penn’s script this summer in Toronto.

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