A dad built a special Breath of the Wild playhouse for his kids

Breath of the Wild
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There's being a good parent. Then there's going the extra mile to lovingly build a detailed playhouse that perfectly replicates Link's house in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Donovan, the father behind the channel Once Upon a Workbench, set out on the project for his son's birthday, and we're sure that many a grown-up gamer would have appreciated the gift just as much had it been put up in their backyard.

Once Upon a Workshop specializes in making nerdy style creations through hard work and elbow grease, including a Santa Link cookie cutter and a geek chic holiday lantern. The Breath of the Wild playhouse is only his latest project, made through an extensive process detailed on his YouTube channel. The project itself took plenty of work, starting off with a three-dimensional model that gave him a blueprint to work from, complete with a model of a person next to it for scale purposes. 

Donovan then went to work gathering the necessary supplies, building the playhouse the old fashioned way out of wood and screws. Those who are insatiably curious about the process behind the playhouse can check out Donovan's detailed YouTube video showing off all the hard work that went into the project, from start to finish.

The playhouse itself is modeled after a building that Breath of the Wild players are no doubt familiar with, located in the Hateno Village. Fittingly enough, this is a house that Link can purchase for himself. Of course, Donovan's kids don't have to worry about spending time buying it now that they have the real thing to play with.

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