A brief history of zombie fashion in video games

Above: Face a bit more rotten than it was ten years ago? Divert attention byleavingyour knickers on show

The gents may have shown us everything from hard hats to uniforms, but it’s the ladies who stole the show at Willamette during the holiday season in 2006. Black French knickers will have the zombie men queueing up at your mausoleum door, and you might even get asked to pose for a quick photo. To make this style your own, couple this sexy bottom half with a strappy top, plunge bra and blood clot lipstick for maximum effect.

House of the Dead: Overkill (2009)

Above: Even if your legs have been shot off by a badass special agent you can still rock the smart casual look

Plenty of variety on offer here from last season’s trend-setters. Some zombies go for the jock look, with shoulder pads and headgear, which is both visually striking and practical when you’re facing government agents with shotguns and grenades. Then there’s the casual ‘died on the way back from the clubhouse’ look, as this fellow is modelling. Smart polo shirt, buttons done up so as to leave that chest cavity to the ladies’ imaginations, and a generous spattering of haemoglobin to complete the look.

Left 4 Dead 2 (2009)

Above: This fella knows how to exaggerate his best exaggerated features and no mistake

OK, so your status as a zombie has been exacerbated by a rather nasty mutation that means you can’t fit into regular clothes. Why not wear dungarees like this fella? The cheeky off-the-shoulder look is sexy and the bare chest underneath will really show off your muscular arm. This guy seems comfortable with his smaller, wimpy appendage, but you can always cover up your weedy arms with a shawl or a matching scarf.

Dead Rising 2 (2010)

Above: Never mind that guy with the same clothes on - way to make that jeans/stripey T combo your own!

So here we are, bang up to date and our zombie fashion icons are all different shapes, sizes… but proud of it. Everyone’s dressing with their own sense of style. Turned-up jeans make swanky short trousers, as this fella’s finding out to his advantage.

And even the prissy, fashion no-no of white cotton socks can be offset with glowing red eyes. It’s all about accessorising:

Above: White socks? Hmmm… and the less said about the asexual cover-alls on the right, the better

So the next time you’re choosing what to wear, do check how the colours would look with some extra red, or whether your dress would in fact benefit from a few tears across the belly. The zombie apocalypse is coming… and you’ll want to look your best. Won’t you?

17 Sep, 2010

Justin Towell

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