A Breath of Wild player worked out the best way to catch fish...by whistling

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
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It’s been over two years since Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild landed on the Switch, but folks are still discovering neat tricks in Hyrule that continue to prove just how vast and endlessly creative it is. On the Breath_of_the_Wild reddit feed, user Charlieboy95 posted a video showing off a very lucrative way to catch a lot of fish and it’s by whistling of all things. 

Charlieboy95 explained that you have to be by a river or ocean in order for it to work, as the “area around lakes is too high for fish to get on to.” As you can see in the footage here, Link is standing on an ice block in the ocean and after whistling a whole row of fish make their way to land all neatly lined up in a row for easy pickings. In much the same, the second half of the video shows them use a box to float on the river and drive fish onto land.

(Image credit: Reddit: u/Charlieboy95)

As someone who’s spent far too much time trying to catch fish by simply swimming towards them, this technique has reel-y schooled me (come on, I had to include some fish puns). After 2.5 years, there aren’t many games out there that continue to surprise you with its many hidden features and every time something new is uncovered, it continues to demonstrate just how wonderfully expansive and detailed Breath of the Wild is. And it's something players continue to express their appreciation for. “I love the fact that’s been two and half years since this game released and I still learn new things about it,” Reddit user LucinaLunacy wrote. 

Many in the reddit comments were debating whether it’s a bug or feature, with redditor Hunterkiller7 saying they believe it’s a bug caused by a feature: “the feature is that the fish swim away from the sound of the whistle, the bug is that they beach themselves.” Still, it takes a lot of creative thinking and trial and error to uncover all these little tricks, and it’s always so fun to see just what players manage to discover in Breath of the Wild’s open-world. 

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