9 half-assed game character designs

Making a half-assed appearance in: inFamous & inFamous 2

Alex from Prototype could have just as easily been included in this list with Cole. But being a man who… eh, regularly sports a leather jacket/hoodie combination, I though it better to direct the laser targeted bitching onto MacGrath. And look, it’s another generic bald man who’s lacking in the scalp department. Why, what’s this? A leather jacket and fingerless gloves. Man, you so get me Sucker Punch. This guy clearly hates the Man and won’t take no guff.

But I’m not fully sold yet. I better hear him speak. Jiminy Jillickers, a raspy, James Earl Jones deep delivery that sounds like Cole’s been huffing 40 a day. Now that’s a man’s man. All be it a horribly unoriginal, ‘rushed out the door five minutes before the whole dev team ordered takeaway’ man.

Above: Are we the only ones who feel horribly inadequate right now?

Seeing the error of its generic ways, Sucker Punch has since given inFamous’ lead an Oprah-esque extreme makeover for the sequel. And to be fair to the developer, it has made a seismic design breakthrough with MacGrath this time: hair. Actual, ‘not even a comb over’ hair. What an age we live in. Now’s that’s creative character design at its fourth wall-destroying best.

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