9 David Lynch spoofs you have to see

"Jimmy Stewart from Mars" is how Mel Brooks once referred to David Lynch. Hardly surprising then, that the Twin Peaks director has more YouTube send-ups devoted to him than any director not named Quentin Tarantino. Here's the ones in years to come you'll still be talking about.

1. David Lynch's New Year Resolution

The first clip from Lynch impressionist Chris Dotson on our list. The likeness isn’t quite there, but Dotson more than makes up for it with an uncanny impression that is almost more Lynchian than the man himself.

2. Three Men and a Baby, by Lynch

YouTube comments are often racist, vulgar or complete misinformed, but the user pjzamorr88 hit the nail on the head when they commented underneath this clip: “It's amazing what a different piece of music will do for a scene.”

3. David Lynch iPhone commercial

Only scraping into the category of a spoof by the end title and the music, David Lynch’s outburst over the iPhone is one of the truest statements he’s ever made. Proof that Lynch is quite the words-man when he wants to be.

4. Happy Holidays from David Lynch

Chris Dotson’s second entry into the list. This time ‘David’ gets so caught up in wishing you ‘Happy Holidays’ that he forgets to finish shaving. Or just doesn’t care.

5. David Lynch promotes Mullholland Drive with a cow

Okay, so this isn’t a spoof. It’s David Lynch himself, uncut and raw. That it feels like one just highlights how different Lynch’s worldview is.

6. David Lynch has a bad haircut

Dotson returns to the internet after a seven month absence, citing Lynch’s disappearance as due to a deep depression over a haircut. It only gets weirder.

7. Dirty Dancing, as directed by David Lynch

Before watching it, you think it’s just another spoof trailer that juxtaposes two movies for a laugh (e.g. Brokeback Mountain + Back to the Future III – Brokeback to the Future).

After watching it, you won’t understand how the Dirty Dancing producers could have not realised the man who made Blue Velvet was the only choice to helm the picture.

8. David Lynch puts the panties of a fan in his mouth

It’s a spoof only because it’s remixed (we couldn’t find the original version), but in another case of Lynch being more Lynchian than people could possibly imagine, David sticks a pair of knickers in his mouth.

9. David Lynch on giving up smoking

Dotson tops out list for this video about something close to our heart (and keeps getting closer everyday). Lynch is a renowned heavy smoker, so the idea of him trying to give up cigarettes is comedy gold by itself.

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