9 awesome animals playing video games

Our amigos in the animal kingdom do the darndest things, don’t they? Rolling around in shit. Playing poker in iconic paintings. Whooping us at Wii tennis. What, you didn’t know your pets could totally annihilate your ass at games? If you need further proof just cast your peepers down below to see a variety of chimps, cats and dogs totally owning everything from Pac-Man to Metal Gear Solid. Hell, your gerbil’s probably working his way through Heavy Rain’s QTEs as we speak.

Chimp monkeys around with Pac-Man

Admittedly, our primate pal isn't very good at it, but c'mon, it's still a shitting monkey playing Pac-Man. His lack of opposable thumbs means he's unlikely to break many high scores. But he's clearly a keen games enthusiast, and that makes our chimp chum OK in our book. In fact, we've already contacted his representatives to see if he fancies penning a few features for the site.

Bulldog skates like a pro in Tony Hawk: Ride

Whoever said you can’t teach an old dog new tricks… eh, or in this case an extreme sports-appreciating bulldog, is an idiot. Alright, so his owner is clearly playing the game for him with another board. But with keen senses, boundless enthusiasm and awesome paw-eye coordination, this pooch still shames everyone who’s ever twisted their ankle while trying to ollie like a twat in Ride. So everyone in the Radar offices, then.

Cat vs. dog in the ultimate Wii grudge match

Yeah, we probably shouldn't be laughting at this, should we? Not only does the cat seem to be in extreme discomfort at having a Wiimote strapped to it, the unfortunate feline also looks like it's having its paw pulled by string by some bastard hiding behind the sofa. Still, that dog totally hands tabby its tail. Just sayin'.

Parrots get vocal with EndWar

Polly deserves a whole cracker factory after this stellar performance. We knew the Robin Williams of the bird community was good at doing voices, but we never knew they were such adept military tacticians. When World War 3 kicks in, we're so siding with the Macaws.

Dog pummels man at Wii boxing

Yup, it's another video of our game-loving pooch handing out a serious beating on Wii boxing. He's clearly getting better, too, moving up from kicking cat keester to pummelling a person. OK, so we've got that horrible feeling of guilt eroding the pit of our stomachs, too. Just keep telling yourself he's enjoying it. Yeah, he's definitely enjoying it.

David Meikleham
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