9 awesome animals playing video games

Pig gets nosey with joysticks

A pretty boring documentary is saved by a few seconds of a porker messing around with a joystick. We give the swine points for effort. But odds on piggy's future lies in a bacon sandwich, not the games industry.

Dog serves up ace performance at Wii tennis

Hopefully this is the last time this dog was subjected to enforced Wii fun. Honestly, we accept the mutt’s got a talent for playing games, but we’re pretty sure he’d rather be pissing on lampposts or using his owner’s good rug to scratch his ass with. No matter what way you look at it, though, pooch has got major game.

Kitty digs DS

Awwww, ain't it cute when pet owners force their furry pride and joy to awkwardly pose with consoles? Borderline animal abuse or not, this cat is still a total noob. How the hell does it expect to win without a stylus?

And of course...

Officially the best thing in the history of the internet ever. It's even better than those pictures of that chick with three boobs.

Feb 16, 2010

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