8 Wild Movie-Star Weddings

This week sees the release of marriage based-shenangians comedy The Proposal , starring Ryan Reynolds and the ever lovely Sandra Bullock.

The film sees Bullock's domineering career woman coerce assistant Reynolds into a sham marriage, lest she be deported back to Canada. Hijinks ensue, and the pair fall for each other. Yay.

To celebrate we decided to take a look at some of the more infamous examples of Hollywood nuptials, so join as we look at the 8 movie star weddings that put the wild and the crazy into wild and crazy;

Madonna and Sean Penn

The Proposal: Sean Penn happened to be on a studio lot one day in 1985 when Madonna was filming he “Material Girl” video.

The pair hit it off instantly and married in August of that year.

Opting for a quiet ceremony in Malibu, Penn accosted a gate-crashing photographer. It was to be the first of many fist fights for the star, who has left many a knuckle print in photo-ists over the years.

The Union: A four-year binge of alcohol-fueled paparazzi-beating fury, Penn was jailed for 33-days for assaulting one snapper. The pair became known as the “Poison Penns”.

Madonna has claimed he was a moody alcoholic porn-addict, who beat her on several occasions. He finally brought the marriage to its knees by allegedly clubbing Madonna with a baseball bat…

Not to mention the time he was alleged to have bound her to a chair with twine, beat her and threatened to shave her head. Madonna filed papers but refused to press charges - she loved him too much.

The Divorce: Since the dissolution in 1989, Madonna has obviously had her share of public romances, marriages and divorces. Penn had, until recently, maintained a marriage to actress Robin Wright.

The pair ran into each other at the post-Oscar Vanity Fair bash this year, Penn holding his statue, Madonna accompanied by toyboy Jesus Luz. “Another kid already?” he joked. That’s right, Spicoli’s still got it.

Next: Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller [page-break]

Angelina Jolie and Johnny Lee Miller

The Proposal: The pair met on the set of their mutual major motion picture debut, 1995’s Hackers .

Married on March 26, 1998, Jolie attended the beach ceremony in black rubber underwear and a white shirt, in which she had written Miller’s name in blood.

The Union: Less than a year in, the pair separated, though they wouldn’t officially divorce until 1999.

Jolie later admitted to have a lesbian relationship with Foxfire co-star Jenny Shimizu around the same time, and that she would have married the actress if she weren’t with Miller… lucky git.

The Divorce: Boringly, the pair get on well. Jolie has stated that Miller was “the perfect husband”, but that they married too young.

In 2006 there was paparazzi noise that the pair were involved again, alleging Jolie and Miller were meeting for secret sex sessions, but this was unfounded.

Miller has since remarried, to model actress Michele Hicks in July 2008. Jolie is in a long-term relationship with some guy called Pitt.

Next: Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney [page-break]

Renee Zellweger and Kenny Chesney

The Proposal: The Bridget Jones actress met American Country & Western singer Chesney at a tsunami relief concert in 2005.

They married four months later on the beach in Cruz Bay, on the Island of St. John in the U.S. Virgin Islands. Kenny wore a delightful ten-gallon hat to complement his linen attire.

The Union: Lasting a seasonal 4 months, little is known about the details, but when filing for divorce, Zellweger cited ‘fraud’ as the reason for the breakup.

Clarifying the statement to the press, the actress said that “the miscommunication of the objective of their marriage at the start is the only reason for this annulment” – i.e. she wanted love, babies etc. While Kenny wanted to shift some records.

The Divorce: Hoping that her statements would not reflect badly on Chesney, she also added “I would personally be very grateful for your support in refraining from drawing derogatory, hurtful, sensationalized or untrue conclusions.”

More recently she said it was the biggest mistake of her life.

No comments from Chesney, but when you’re a country singer, meet a girl, fall in love, marry her, get divorced, get called a fraud and your name dragged through the mud, well you just wrote a hit song.

Next: Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley [page-break]

Nicolas Cage and Lisa Marie Presley

The Proposal: Cage is fan of Elvis. Big fan in fact. Such a big fan, that in 2002 he went and married the King’s little girl, Lisa Marie.

They were married on the big island of Hawaii, which is a couple of thousand miles away from Cage’s presumably first choice of Graceland.

Despite this, they did manage to marry during the week of the 25th anniversary of Elvis’ death. That’s planning for you.

The Union: 108 days of bliss free matrimony were ended by the announcement of divorce in November 2002.

The Divorce: Understandably all shook up by the affair, Cage declined to comment, with Presley only saying “it was a big mistake”.

They attempted reconciliation in 2004, with talk of a remarriage, but Cage checked out of Heartbreak Hotel due to an apparent obsession with trying to do the Jailhouse Rock with Angelina Jolie.

Wise men say only fools rush in, eh Nic?

Next: J.Lo and Cris Judd [page-break]

J.Lo and Cris Judd

The Proposal: Jenny from the Block met Cris from the set while she was shooting the video for her single “Love Don’t Cost A Thing”.

J.Lo, being the method actor she is, proved the song’s theory by marrying the comparatively penniless backing dancer and choreographer in an intimate (i.e. cheap) ceremony in a Los Angeles suburb (i.e. the ghetto) in 2001.

The Union: During the marriage, Lopez was shooting the box-office gold that was Gigli , with Ben ‘the bomb in Phantoms ’ Affleck.

Judd was reportedly furious about the sex scene between the pair, though Lopez denied rumours of romantic involvement, her split from Judd was effectively announced in early 2002 when she began openly dating Affleck.

The Divorce: Lopez went on to have a tabloid relationship with Affleck, with the press reporting on their every move. The relationship crumbled hours before the wedding, under the weight of pressure in the public eye.

In a much creepier turn, Judd went on to date J.Lo lookalike, one who he probably earned more than, and carefully vetted to ensure no ties with that Affleck character. He was the bomb in Phantoms though.

Next: Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman [page-break]

Carmen Electra and Dennis Rodman

The Proposal: Dennis Rodman, star of Double Team with JCVD, and Carmen Electra, star of wet dreams the world over, married in Vegas in 1998.

Taking their vows and $50 in gambling chips at “The Little Chapel of The Flowers”, those of you who know anything about Vegas weddings know where this is going…

The Union: 9 days later the marriage was annulled due to, among other things, intoxication at the time of making the vows, and “unsound mind”.

Now we’re not sure how the legal system in America works, but if Dennis Rodman can get a divorce by citing ‘unsound mind’… that’s like Phil Spector being acquitted on the grounds of ‘bad hair day’.

The Divorce: Rodman continued to be Rodman. In his second autobiography “I Should Be Dead By Now”, He claimed Electra used the ‘N’ word during sex, a claim she furiously denies.

Carmen Electra went on to many more wet dreams, and also a marriage to rocker Dave Navarro, though because MTV aired it as a series, the marriage can only be described as ‘epic fail’.

Next: Dennis Hopper and Michelle Philips [page-break]

Dennis Hopper and Michelle Philips

The Proposal: He’s the wild man actor/director behind the most revolutionary film of the decade, Easy Rider, she’s lead singer of one of the decade’s most influential bands, The Mamas & The Papas.

They married on October 31st 1970. Turns out that getting married on Halloween is not necessarily a good omen.

The Union: The marriage lasted 8 days. Perhaps it didn’t get off to the best start, what with the Halloween thing, and Philips reportedly asking Hopper; "Have you considered suicide?"

Other highlights include the fact that Hopper kept the Mamas & Papas hottie handcuffed so she couldn't run away, though Hopper later claimed Phillips was the one with the cuffs.

8 days of bondage? Have you seen Blue Velvet ? Sounds about right.

The Divorce: Talking about the marriage, Phillips said: "I will say this about Dennis Hopper: We were married for eight days and truly...they were the happiest days of my life."

Hopper is quoted similarly “Seven of those days were good, the eighth was the bad one”. Aw, see? It all works out in the end.

Next: Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton [page-break]

Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton

The Proposal: The pair met in 1999 while filming air-traffic control comedy Pushing Tin, eloping to Vegas in 2000.

As we are all aware, Vegas is great place to engage in acts of matrimony that will totally not end in divorce. Oh, wait…

The Union: The pair, when not going at it like teenage Energizer bunnies, engaged in bizarre and eccentric behaviour, such as the well documented carrying of vials of each other's blood round their necks.

Ultimately, the nail in the much love-stained coffin was Jolie’s adoption of her first child, Maddox, who she felt was neglected by Thornton. Her devotion to the boy prompted her to file for divorce in 2002.

The Divorce: Shortly after the break-up, Thornton was rumoured to pushing for reconciliation, but his efforts proved fruitless.

In the years since the divorce, Thornton has made various statements to the press about Jolie, including “having sex with Angelina is like f***ing a couch” and that she’ll leave Brad for him soon. Riiight.

Angelina is still with that Pitt fellow. Damn.

Any movie-star marriage shenanigans that should have made the list? Comment below!

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