7 months after Ni no Kuni 2's season pass went on sale, Bandai Namco finally details its first major DLC

Today, publisher Bandai Namco finally detailed the first major DLC in the season pass for Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom. It's called The Lair of the Lost Lord. It's coming this winter, and on top of some new items and quests, it's bringing a big new dungeon called the Labyrinth. 

The Labyrinth is home to a new villain, the Prince of Wraiths, who's plotting to destroy Evermore, the kingdom players build up over the course of the game. Meanwhile, the DLC's new quests "will help provide back stories to Evan's friends," Bandai explained. Likewise, the new "Material Method" combat system relies on "the memories of people Evan meets through his journey." 

The Lair of the Lost Lord is Ni no Kuni 2's first major DLC, so players - especially season pass holders - have been curious about it for some time. However, this is the first time Bandai has ever properly explained what it is. Bear in mind that Ni no Kuni 2 and its $20 season pass released on March 23, 2018 - over seven months ago. Previously, all players had to go on was the vague product description for the pass itself. It reads: 

"Buy the Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom Season Pass and get the upcoming epic expansions the moment they become available. Explore new dungeons, get exclusive rewards and enjoy a brand new story chapter with hours of additional gameplay at a discount."

That's not a lot of information to work with, but it was all players knew until the end of July - four months after Ni no Kuni 2's release - when Bandai announced the free Adventure Pack update. That update released in August, and at the time Bandai offered a slightly less vague description of the game's season pass content: "a new puzzling dungeon" which we now know to be The Lair of the Lost Lord, and "a whole new story expansion" which has yet to be unveiled. And then once again, nothing - until now. Bandai says more information, including non-season pass DLC pricing and a firm release date, is on its way. 

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