7 go-to fighters for your Pokemon Red and Blue squad

Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow. Whether grinding Magikarp levels on a bruised ’89 Game Boy or still furiously typing commands into a Twitch chat trying to take down a gym leader, we’re still playing the original pocket monster adventure 20 years after it first came out. With the OG Pokemon hitting Nintendo 3DS, now’s the perfect time to rebuild your crew and what does every trainer need? A primary fighter, their go to beast, the Pokemon whose skills are invaluable in almost every situation. Which one should you choose, though? Here are seven selected by the GamesRadar staff we recommend you try out as your right hand Pokemon.


Ah Eevee, you adorable little fox-eared freak. Pokemon number 133 in Red and Blue is a Normal type with the ability to evolve into a variety of different elemental fox-eared freaks. Keep on raising Eevee, though, and it develops a smorgasbord of effective attacks like Bite and Take Down that make him a solid all around fighter.


The original psychic badass! Alakazam doesn’t bend just one spoon, he bends two. Why? Because shut up that’s why. Pokemon number 65 has a slow growth rate, but inherent skills learned through leveling like Reflect coupled with Technical Machine skills like Tri Attack can make a high level Alakazam a ferocious leader in your squad. Plus: just look at that mustache. Majestic is putting it lightly.


Long before the electric mouse was an inescapable mascot, a chef, a puzzle solver, or a detective, he was a hell of a fighter well worth keeping as your primary. There’s a reason cartoon-obsessed kids in the ‘90s could dominate with a team of high level Pikachus: the mouse is a badass. Pokemon number 25’s best attribute is his insane speed, guaranteeing pressure against any enemy. Thunder, Thunder Wave and Skull Bash are killer attacks. Pika pika indeed.


Were Tom Jones a dinosaur-looking monster man, the song “She’s a Lady” would have almost certainly been about Nidoqueen. Pokemon number 33 is a powerhouse and an ideal tank when you just need a fighter to crush foes. Raising a Nidoqueen can be tricky, since some of her best moves have to be learned in a previous stage of evolution or only from Technical Machines. Put in the effort, though, and a Nidoqueen can be the foundation of a potent Pokemon force.


Sometimes you need a Pokemon that can take a bruising and keep on cruising. Articuno may look like a delicate blue birdie, but his super high defense against both physical and special attacks make him a sponge for punishment. Pokemon Number 44 can also dish it out using moves like Blizzard, one of the best ice attacks in the game.


Don’t condescend to Wigglytuff because he evolves from that huffy Jigglypuff weirdo that’s always drawing on people in old episodes of the cartoon. The balloon type Pokemon number 40 benefits from a high HP count that can guarantee you time in long fight. What’s more, Wigglytuff is one of the most customizable Pokemon in the game. Its limited inherent abilities can be augmented by dozens ot Technical Machine moves, including high level maneuvers like Tri Attack and Psywave.


Hey, if it’s in the game, it’s not cheating. Pokemon number 150 himself, Mewtwo is not easy to get your hands on but his arsenal of psychic attacks make him an absolute terror in battle. If you go through the rigmarole of fighting all the way to the end of the Unknown Dungeon in Red and Blue to catch him, there’s absolutely no shame in putting him front and center in your crew, ready to flatten all challengers.

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