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PS3 launch: Why we're hot for PS3

Wednesday 21 March 2007
Here at GamesRadar towers we're ecstatic, exhilarated and lots more adjectives about PS3. Our already dog-eared dictionaries have been well and truly thumbed over the past few days as we search for different ways to express our anticipation at the prospect of exploring another huge next-gen console.

Come on, join in the party. 2007 will be a great year for PlayStation 3 for many reasons - here's why we're getting all flustered for Sony's new box.

It promises a social networking paradise
We all know about Home - how it'll give you an apartment to tinker with and an avatar to wander through Home's expansive online space. But have you really stopped to think about it? A world you can meander around aimlessly, meeting people and striking up friendships before launching into MotorStorm challenges with your virtual mates.

Or just a place to meet up and play pool, go bowling or show off your new game trophies. Home is so much more than just a 3D chat room. It takes the already super-popular gimmicks like Xbox Live's Achievements and Wii's Mii personas to a whole different universe, and it's by far the most social-focused service of all the next-gen consoles. Best of all, it's totally free.