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6 ways to save Six Days in Fallujah

We’ve all heard the news that controversial Iraqi shooter Six Days in Fallujah has been dropped by its publisher Konami. It seems a shame that all the developer's hard work could now go to waste. But wait! With just a few tweaks to the storyline and a hasty reskin job on the character models, Six Days in Fallujah could easily be salvaged and transformed into a non-media baiting, controversy-free shooter with hardly any effort at all.

Elite US soldiers embark on a totally harmless, and in no way war-related, military training regime in Utah. Look, they're definitely in Utah, alright?

The official game of the 10 year old movie we've all been waiting for. Get ready for some clean killing fun, as George, Mark and Ice kick a whole mess of ass.

A crack team of gangstas and pimps infiltrate an undisclosed area of Middle Eastern origin to make shit happen.

A group of vigilante party boy marines storm a nightclub on a Greek resort that's been overrun by drunkards.

Aliens attack a dusty region of Earth and the only hope for humanity rests with the US and Iraqi governments joining forces to lay the smackdown on some Covenant keester.

The US have put up with the Nazis' nonsense for long enough and send their best forces into the heart of Axis-controlled Paris - which in no way resembles a certain city in an arid desert environment.

Apr 30, 2009