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6 Dark Remakes Starring Disney Princesses

We love a good, artistic re-working of a classic film concept.

We don’t mean movie re-imaginings, the endless, seemingly uninspired rehashes of horror flicks for a modern audience.

Nope, we mean talented types taking concepts and giving them a unique new twist.

DeviantArt regular Jeffrey Thomas – AKA jeftoon01 – has done just that with his fresh takes on some of Disney’s most recognisable female characters.

The new designs for Snow White, Belle and co are likely to give kids nightmares, but we can’t get enough of ‘em. If you thought Shrek had a new angle on the ladies, you haven't seen anything yet.

We thought we’d dream up some fitting film pitches that could go along with Thomas’ designs.

See more of Jeff's work here . And click through for a look at the pimped-out princesses and our ideas for their perfect flicks…[page-break]

The Princess: Belle

The Original: Beauty And The Beast, which finds a beautiful girl seemingly destined to spend her life with a horrendous creature.

Who, as anyone who has seen the film (or read the story) knows, is really a charming prince in beast’s clothing and true love frees him. Oh, and in Disney’s version, the cutlery and furniture sing and dance.

The New Twist: The Beast Within. Belle is a feral girl discovered in the woods living with her slavering monster of a lover. But who's the real beast here?

The creature is seemingly keeping Belle prisoner, but when local townspeople try to separate them, Belle flies into a terrible rage, tearing the clockwork guts out of her butler and using it to strangle the first villager to step through the gates.

There is no chatty cutlery, but someone does get stabbed with a fork. Which sings a song entitled 'Be Our Victim', Nasty.[page-break]

The Princess: Aurora

The Original: Sleeping Beauty, the tale of a young princess doomed to spend her days asleep by a vengeful witch.

Like so many fairy tales/Disney movies, her problem is resolved when a handsome prince fights his way through the thorns covering her castle and wakes her with a kiss.

The New Twist: Sleeping Death. A much bleaker look at the story, as the witch’s curse turns Aurora into a Lifeforce-style vampire who hunts at night for the energy of the castle’s residents.

With her faithful, demonic owl as her only companion, she faces a life of lonely lurching around in a half-human state.

A handsome prince turns up at one point, and he does get a kiss, but it's on the neck not the lips, and it doesn’t end well for him.[page-break]

The Princess : Snow White

The Original: Snow White And The Seven Dwarves, a story about a young girl whose beauty makes her evil stepmother insanely jealous.

She sends her out to be killed, but Snow ends up living with a group of Dwarves who rescue her and become her friends. The witchy stepmother tries to kill her again – with a poisoned apple – but (snore) true love wakes her.

The New Twist: Black As Snow. The witch’s apple is successful, but it doesn’t kill its target. Instead, Snow White becomes an insane demon, and changes her short-arsed friends into murderous slaves.

We follow her as she rampages around the forest, destroying everything in her path. She feasts on the blood of deer, bluebirds and little squirrels.

Sadly for her stepmother, the plan backfires on her when Snow launches an all-out attack on the castle and drives an apple tree through the witch’s heart.[page-break]

The Princess: Ariel

The Original: The Little Mermaid, a fishy love story in which young Ariel, daughter of the king of the sea, who falls for a landlubber.

Making the tough choice to lose her tail, she strikes a deal with sea witch Ursula to magically obtain legs so her can pursue her chosen love.

It looks like the end for the undersea kingdom, but Ariel and her typically blandly handsome prince save the day.

Oh, and cute piscine sidekick Flounder keeps things light.

The New Twist: The Undead Mermaid. Ariel suffers a nasty bite from Flounder the zombie fish, which turns her into a flesh-hunting fiend.

Ignoring Ursula completely, zombie Ariel devastates the undersea world in a blood-soaked feeding frenzy.

In a cruel twist of fate, she meets her handsome blando man – and SNACKS ON HIS BRAIN. WITH CHIPS.[page-break]

The Princess: Cinderella

The Original: Cinderella, following a downtrodden girl faced with a life of domestic servitude when her father marries a boorish woman.

Her wish to break free is granted when a fairy godmother provides her with the perfect dress, carriage and attendants so that she can attend the prince’s ball.

Despite a slight mishap with timing and a glass slipper, she finds happiness with her royal suitor.

The New Twist: A Stitch In Time. In a terrifying twist on the tale, Cinderella upsets her stepmother and ugly stepsisters to such a degree that they conspire to murder her.

The fairy godmother – in reality a devious black magician – resurrects her but at a terrible price: Cinders is a stitched-together nightmare of a girl who must find a way to make her life work.

Fleeing the city, she lives on the outskirts among the animals and scares travellers.

A glass slipper is involved at some point, but more as a weapon than a symbol of love.[page-break]

The Princess: Jasmine

The Original: Aladdin – a humble street thief who discovers a magic lamp containing a genie who grants wishes.

The new power allows Aladdin to save the kingdom from the evil Jafar and win the heart of Princess Jasmine.

It ends with a happily ever after and plenty of singing.

The New Twist: Animaladdin. When Aladdin grows greedy and complacent, the genie decides to return to teach him a lesson.

He turns Jasmine into a magic-using, animalistic harpy who steals Aladdin's gold and runs off with Rajah the tiger to live in the desert.

We won’t speculate further. Some things are just too disturbing to contemplate.

For more from Jeffery, including Captain Jack and The Sorcerer's Apprentice - Star Wars style, check out his Deviant Art page .

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