50 Worst Movie Ex-Boyfriends

David Goldman (An Education)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Charming con-man David begins courting schoolgirl Jenny after giving her and her cello a lift home in the rain.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Soon after the couple become engaged, Jenny discovers that David is already married. She asks David to explain himself to her parents but he sneaks away. Very much hurt, Jenny decides to visit David's house and finds out that not only is he married but he has a child, and that she is only the latest in a long line of girls he has seduced.

Lucas Lee (Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Lucas Lee is a popular actor, pro skateboarder and a member of The League of Evil Exes of Ramona Flowers.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Ramona ended things with Lucus in ninth grade because there was "drama", so he decides to battle Ramona's new man Scott Pilgrim when the he shows up on his film set. Lucas arrogantly tries to make small talk with Ramona in the process.

Chuck (Footloose)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Older boy Chuck exercises a very heavy hand with rebellious high school student Ariel, but things soon change when Ren McCormack shows up.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Chuck is left all alone when Ren beats him in a game of tractor chicken to win Ariel's heart. Not quite getting the message, Chuck shows up to fight Ren before the big dance.

Gary (The Break Up)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Gary is a relaxed, easy-going tour guide who is in a long-term relationship with art gallery manager Brooke after the two met at a baseball game.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Brooke calls it a day after being under-appreciated one too many times. Since neither want to move out of their shared condo they became roommates with disastrous results. Gary's crimes include buying a pool table, littering the place with food and trash, and inviting women over for a strip poker party.

Rodney (Baby Boy)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Gangster Rodney is released from prison and decides to move back in with ex-girlfriend Yvette whether she likes it or not.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Rodney is certainly not welcome back in Yvette’s life, especially when he forces himself upon her in front of her young son, steals her money and attempts to kill her son’s father.

Justin (Death At A Funeral)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Justin had a brief one-night stand with Martha and attempts to start things up again while they are attending her father's funeral.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: Martha has no interest in Justin, claiming he "could have been a donkey" during their encounter. Justin doesn't give up however, and forces a kiss on her, causing her hallucinating fiance to get the wrong idea and threaten to jump off the roof naked.

Peter Prentiss (Just Married)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Peter Prentiss is the weathly ex-boyfriend of Sarah (Brittany Murphy) who marries less sophisticated Tom (Aston Kutcher) after a whirlwind romance.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: A cast-aside Peter jealously follows Sarah on her honeymoon, attempting to charm her away from her new husband. When she refuses to run away with him, and Tom threatens him with a fire poker, Peter has the pair arrested. Because that’ll get her back.

Jim Prideaux (Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Jim Prideaux (Mark Strong) is a British Intelligence agent who has risen through 'The Circus' alongside his secret bisexual lover Bill Haydon (Colin Firth).

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: The couple are parted when Jim is captured in a failed operation in Hungary and later sacked from the service. When Jim discovers the full extent of his former lover's betrayal he coldly shoots him dead. Bit extreme.

Jim (Edward Scissorhands)

The Ex-Boyfriend: Jim is a lazy and greedy boyfriend who uses his girlfriend Kim's scissorhanded lodger Edward to break into his own home so he can steal from his parents.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: After the bungled burglary Kim becomes tired of Jim and ditches him. Spurned, Jim heads off to get drunk with his friends, who almost run over Kim's brother. He then starts to take out his anger on Edward relentlessly, determined to kill him, and Kim if she gets in his way.

David (The 40-Year-Old Virgin)

The Ex-Boyfriend: David (Paul Rudd) works at SmartTech and when he is not helping 40-year-old Andy lose his virginity, he is obsessing over his ex-girlfriend Amy.

His Post-Break-up Behaviour: David dumps Amy and then spends two years regretting the decision. When the two are surprisingly reunited at a speed dating event, David attempts to woo Amy back by getting drunk and bringing up details of their past sex life. He then breaks down on the SmartTech shop floor and films his behind.