50 Most Offensive Movie Characters

Mary Corleone

Why They're Offensive: She's the emotional anchor of The Godfather Part 3 . Unfortunately, Francis Ford Coppola cast his non-actor daughter Sofia and watched the film (and the reputation of its predecessors) unravel around her mannered, awkward performance.

Most Offensive Moment: Mary gets shot, and Sofia gives a look of vague bemusement, as if she can't remember where she's put her car keys.

Marcello, Philippe, Michel and Ugo

Why They're Offensive: Four friends (played by art-house heroes Mastroianni, Noiret, Piccoli and Tognazzi) who hole up in a villa in La Grande Bouffe to eat themselves to death in an orgy of bad manners.

Most Offensive Moment: After taking an absolute hammering all weekend, the toilet explodes... all over the four men.

Bill Maplewood

Why They're Offensive: Todd Solondz goes for the ultimate taboo in Happiness , by making Dylan Baker's suburban paedophile a faintly boring, outwardly normal family man.

Most Offensive Moment: Bill's son asks if he'd ever fucked him. "No," Dad replies. "I jerk off instead."

Gord Brody

Why They're Offensive: Tom Green staked his claim as an auteur of outrage in Freddy Got Fingered , the story of a slacker so beyond the pale he drinks his milk straight from the cow's udder.

Most Offensive Moment: The sight of Gord swinging a newborn baby around by its umbilical cord.


Why They're Offensive: Theological scholars were quick to spot that Mel Gibson's portrayal of the Gospels in The Passion Of The Christ - in which Jewish high priest Caiaphas blackmails Pontius Pilate into crucifying Jesus - is based on an outdated, anti-Semitic reading that even the Vatican has officially denounced.

Most Offensive Moment: Caiaphas declares, "His blood is on us and on our children," a line that historically has been used to justify persecution of Jews.

Mudflap & Skids

Why They're Offensive: The comic interest in Transformers: Revenge Of The Fallen went to this pair of Autobots, whose jive talk, gold teeth and general idiocy were seemingly modelled on the worst stereotypes of African-American men. "Good clean fun," reckoned Michael Bay.

Most Offensive Moment: The pair's confession that they don't read.

Randal Graves

Why They're Offensive: Smart-ass video store employee in Clerks who doesn't give a damn about his customers, and isn't shy about letting them know it.

Most Offensive Moment: Ordering a litany of porn movies - oh, and Happy Scrappy Hero Pup - in front of a young girl and her mother.

Forrest Gump

Why They're Offensive: Forrest a poster boy for idiocy, suggesting it's possible to sleepwalk through history, meet famous people and make the world a better place through stupidly.

Most Offensive Moment: Any time Gump's ignorance is compared favourably to girlfriend Jenny's self-destructive liberalism.

Willie T. Stokes

Why They're Offensive: Willie is a drunken, sex-mad degenerate who funds his hedonistic lifestyle by robbing department stores at Christmas disguised as the titular Bad Santa .

Most Offensive Moment: The kids queuing up to meet Santa get more than they bargained for when a sloshed Willie pisses himself.

Steve Stifler

Why They're Offensive: Only a supporting player in the original American Pie , Stifler quickly took charge with his undiluted, unashamed id.

Most Offensive Moment: A misunderstand in American Pie: The Wedding leads to Stifler having to eat dog poo at Jim and Michelle's wedding, pretending it's a tasty chocolate truffle.