50 Most Offensive Movie Characters

Carter Burke

Why They're Offensive: Hypocritical Weyland-Yutani rep who talks a good talk before confirming all of your prejudices about corporate yes-men.

Most Offensive Moment: Releasing facehuggers from captivity and locking the doors, so the Aliens can implant their eggs into Ripley and Newt.

Krug Stillo

Why They're Offensive: Any screen rapist could justifiably make this list, but the psychotic villain of Last House On The Left remains truly disturbing forty years on.

Most Offensive Moment: Krug carves his name in victim Mari's chest before raping her.

Uncle Remus

Why They're Offensive: Disney's first (partly) live action movie hinged on the elderly slave recounting African-American folk tales. Trouble is, his depiction as a happy-go-lucky grandfather figure looks more and more out of date with each passing year, to the point where Disney has effectively banned a US DVD release.

Most Offensive Moment: The scene-setting of slaves happily marching to work, which makes Remus look deluded - or brainwashed - before we've even met him.


Why They're Offensive: David Thewlis' snarling, misanthrope in Mike Leigh's Naked bullies his way through several relationships and follows a hapless security guard around his route, heckling him the whole way.

Most Offensive Moment: The opening scene, in which Johnny's anonymous sexual encounter turns nasty. The rest of the film is coloured by our realisation of what Johnny is really like.

The Rich

Why They're Offensive: The rich are literally a different breed, according to cult horror Society - a secret cabal of shape-shifting aliens feasting on America's poor.

Most Offensive Moment: We're introduced to 'shunting,' the fucked-up orgy in by which they morph and merge into a flabby mass of man-eating meat.

Ebenezer Scrooge

Why They're Offensive: It's Christmas Eve, and the miserly landlord won't give his Muppet workers or tenants a day off from their misery. Humbug!

Most Offensive Moment: As the lyrics to There Goes Mr Scrooge puts it, "He charges folks a fortune for his dark and draughty houses / Us poor folk live in misery, It's even worse for mouses."

Patrick Bateman

Why They're Offensive: Never mind the eponymous American Psycho 's wanton orgy of sex and violence, have you heard his CD collection? Jeez.

Most Offensive Moment: Taking an axe to Paul Allen (Jared Leto) to death while delivering a monologue on the musical merits of Huey Lewis And The News.

Rasputia Latimore

Why They're Offensive: A new low for Eddie Murphy, whose portrayal of Norbit' s slobbish wife manages to be equally sexist and size-ist.

Most Offensive Moment: Rasputia's threat to burn love rival Kate's face with acid. Classy.

Mark Watson

Why They're Offensive: The plot of Soul Man is this - when Mark Watson can't afford to go to college, he takes tanning pills so he can take advantage of a scholarship for African-American students. Soul Man was made in 1986.

Most Offensive Moment: Mark fails to understand racial prejudice. "This is the Cosby decade. America loves black people."

The Fly

Why They're Offensive: A tough call to find somebody more revolting than the cast of Meet The Feebles , but this literally muck-raking paparazzo makes them look like paragons of virtue.

Most Offensive Moment: This reporter gets most of his scoops by sitting in a toilet, accosting his victims when they take a loo break, and then feasting on what he finds.