50 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments

About A Boy

The Embarrassing Moment: Desperate to make his mum happy, Marcus decides to perform Killing Me Softly at a school talent show, risking an eternity of bullying. Unfortunately, when Will decides to help the poor kid out by playing back up, it doesn’t make the situation much better for those of us watching the film.

If It Happened In Real Life: Heads would be flushed down toilets. Repeatedly.

Wedding Crashers

The Embarrassing Moment: Having wheedled their way to a weekend away with the Cleary family, John and Jeremy set their sights on the politician’s daughters. But lucky boy Jezza has a surprise in store when it turns out that the dinner table isn’t just for eating as far as Gloria is concerned and she proceeds to pleasure him under the table.

If It Happened In Real Life: People would notice. Vince Vaughn isn’t that good an actor.

Taxi Driver

The Embarrassing Moment: Not being quite in his right mind, Travis Bickle decides to take the refined Betsy to a XXX cinema on their first date. It’s an ambitious move and he tries to style it out, but unsurprisingly the venue offends her and Travis heads home alone.

If It Happened In Real Life: Really, boys? Would anyone, ever do this without a conversation first? Ever?


The Embarrassing Moment: This whole film is the definition of cringe comedy, but the most awkward moment comes during a series of competitive speeches at Lillian’s engagement party, during which Annie and Helen reach new heights of awkwardness, culminating in the world's most inappropriate sing along.

If It Happened In Real Life: Somebody, surely, would have interrupted. Surely?

Theres Something About Mary

The Embarrassing Moment: We can’t bear to think about the ‘hair gel’, so we won’t. Instead, let’s turn our attention to prom night. Ted totally ruins his dream date when, distracted by the gentle strains of The Carpenters, he manages to zip himself up in his trousers.

If It Happened In Real Life: Ouch. Just ouch.

American Pie

The Embarrassing Moment: It’s tough being a horny teenager... so tough. Almost as tough as choosing a moment from this movie – there’s the tube sock, the pie, the special brew. But the biggest cringe comes from Jim’s uh, ‘brief’ encounter with sexy exchange student Nadia, which is broadcast via webcam to the entire school.

If It Happened In Real Life: It would happen exactly – exactly – as it does in the movie.

Old School

The Embarrassing Moment: Returning to his party past, Frank (Will Ferrell) gets tanked, whips off his togs and rushes the stage during best buddy Mitch’s shindig. Not content with giving Snoop Dogg an eyeful, Frank then proceeds to streak through the neighbourhood, only stopping when he’s shamefacedly caught by his missus and her mates.

If It Happened In Real Life: Friends would be the least of Mrs Frank’s issues. Someone in the crowd would have recorded the event and posted it on Vine within minutes. Hooray for social media!


The Embarrassing Moment: Fielding (Woody Allen) and Nancy (Louise Lassiter) consummate their marriage in a televised event. Not only is it over rather earlier than the bride was expecting, poor Felding then has to defend his poor performance in a post-event television interview. Eeshk.

If It Happened In Real Life: The telecast would be the least of it. Twitter would be judging every thrust – and don’t get us started on the gifs that would follow on Tumblr...

Sixteen Candles

The Embarrassing Moment: As if Sam Baker’s 16th birthday wasn’t going badly enough, a visit from her grandparents makes everything 100 times worse when, proud of her perky “boobies” they decide to give her a grope.

If It Happened In Real Life: Two words: Social. Services.


The Embarrassing Moment: Still reeling from a recent break up, New York comedian Mike Peter decides to go for it with a girl he met in a bar. So he calls her and leaves a message. And another. And another. And another... until she final picks up and tells him: "Don't ever call me again."

If It Happened In Real Life: The beauty of this scene is that it has happened in real life. Many times. Not to us, obviously...