50 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments

The Inbetweeners

The Embarrassing Moment: The boys go clubbing and decide to impress a group of erm, ‘ponies’, by way of a tried and tested method – crap dancing. But while Neil seems to have rhythm on the floor, the others don’t quite have what it takes to impress. Will, in particular, takes the pony thing a little too far.

If It Happened In Real Life: The girls would have left. Very quickly indeed.

The Hangover Part II

The Embarrassing Moment: While investigating what might have happened the night before, Stu finds out that not only did he have a hot and heavy – not to mention emotional - tryst with a stripper in the Chardonnay room, she’s not all woman. Yup, he made love to a man with boobies.

If It Happened In Real Life: Phil’s advice to forget about it is sound.


The Embarrassing Moment: Without realising she’s being set up, Paula Abdul arrives for an interview with Bruno, only to be invited to make herself comfortable on his ‘Mexican chair people’, before being asked to eat lunch off of a large naked man. Understandably, she soon makes her excuses.

If It Happened In Real Life: It did! IT DID!

Meet The Parents

The Embarrassing Moment: Greg’s first encounter with his girlfriend’s parents goes from bad to worse. First he tells the Byrnes a story about the time he milked a cat (“Oh, yeah, you can milk anything with nipples.”) and then destroys the urn with Grandma's remains... which the cat proceeds to assume is a litter tray.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’re sure Robert De Niro wouldn’t be nearly so intimidating. He seems like a lovely chap.


The Embarrassing Moment: When Tommy decides to put his penis through a peephole leading to the girls’ locker room, he gets far more than he bargained for. Instead of eliciting a few screams from the ladies, Coach Beulah Balbricker lives up to her name and gets herself a handful of the offending member.

If It Happened In Real Life: The very idea is too hilarious, not to mention disturbing, to entertain.

The Breakfast Club

The Embarrassing Moment: After Claire shows off her ability to apply lipstick using her cleavage, Bender proceeds to scream at her, making fun of her wealth, purity, and ignorance. And making everybody watching feeling mortified for her in the process.

If It Happened In Real Life: That Bender would get a much-deserved smack in the chops.

Mean Girls

The Embarrassing Moment: Having finally ingratiated herself with the popular kids, Cady throws a party. But a couple of shots and some spiked punch don’t do her any favours as she proceeds to throw up all over her object of affection, Aaron. Despite her best efforts to get him to stay, he’s out of there.

If It Happened In Real Life: We certainly wouldn’t run after the poor guy, brandishing a towel and screaming “Call me!”. Never gonna happen.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

The Embarrassing Moment: After an awkward double dinner date, Peter and Rachel head back to his hotel room to do the dirty. But when evil ex-girlfriend Sarah hears them through the wall she gets competitive, and so begins a cringefest of excessively loud sex which isn’t really enjoyed by anybody participating.

If It Happened In Real Life: Earplugs are always a good investment when travelling.


The Embarrassing Moment: Doing his best to smoothly chat up his crush Becca, poor, hapless Evan goes in for a friendly arm punch... and manages to give the girl a good whack in the sensitive chest area instead. Thankfully, she’s incredibly gracious about the accident.

If It Happened In Real Life: Michael Cera deals with it the way any gentleman would – a long, mortified pause followed by profuse apology.

The 40-Year-Old Virgin

The Embarrassing Moment: Andy does his best to join in with the lads’ chat over a poker game, but it soon becomes clear (somewhere around the line: “You grab a woman’s breast, and you feel it... and it feels like a bag of sand...”) that he has never known the touch of a woman. Cue raucous laughter and much banter.

If It Happened In Real Life: One would hope that Andy’s friends might be a touch more supportive about his situation.