50 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments

Pitch Perfect

The Embarrassing Moment: Mid-way through a performance that’s like “an elephant dart to the public’s face”, Fat Amy takes over the solo for Turn The Beat around - and gets a wee bit overenthusiastic, ripping her shirt open for the grand finale.

Not as bad as throwing up over the crowd, but cringeworthy nonetheless.

If It Happened In Real Life: Ah, who are we kidding? Go Fat Amy, GO!


The Embarrassing Moment: The Deetzes’ posh dinner party is interrupted when hosts and guests alike are possessed by the movie’s mischievous titular spirit and begin singing and dancing suggestively, much to their surprise, shame and embarrassment.

This is not how one behaves in civilised company, after all.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’d be more worried about the hands appearing from our dinner plates.

Pineapple Express

The Embarrassing Moment: Not only does Dale turn up late for his first dinner with girlfriend Angie’s parents, he’s stoned, smells bad, is bleeding, and can’t come up with an acceptable excuse for any of it... or, at least, not one that they’ll believe.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’d probably get our shotgun out, too.

My Best Friends Wedding

The Embarrassing Moment: In a totally empty romantic gesture, Julianne’s very gay fake boyfriend instigates a sing-along, simply to embarrass her.

Not only does the entire restaurant join in the rendition of I Say A Little Prayer, but someone starts playing the piano. The only ones not amused are Julianne and the real object of her affection, George.

If It Happened In Real Life: Everybody would’ve guessed that women aren't Rupert Everett's thing as soon as he sat down.

A Fish Called Wanda

The Embarrassing Moment: A lustful Archie finds the perfect hideaway for an adulterous tryst with Wanda, only to be caught in the buff by British family.

Thankfully, there are several framed photos to hand with which he can hide his modesty.

If It Happened In Real Life: There’s only one thing to do in a situation like this – brazen it out.

10 Things I Hate About You

The Embarrassing Moment: Heath Ledger’s tough guy Patrick Varona loses his last modicum of cool when he turns to karaoke in an attempt to woo Kat.

A rendition of Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You, with a little help from the school’s marching band pretty much guarantee the guy a lifetime of high school loserdom. Sweet, though.

If It Happened In Real Life: We know we shouldn’t, but there’d be definite swooning involved.

The Graduate

The Embarrassing Moment: Poor bumbling Benjamin attempts to be suave as he checks into a hotel for the first of many trysts with Mrs Robinson.

And then, of course, there’s the seduction scene in the bedroom in which he kisses her while she is trying to exhale cigarette smoke and she subsequently calls him inadequate.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’re sure all the sex would make up for the embarrassment.

Kramer vs. Kramer

The Embarrassing Moment: A very naked Phyllis is surprised by Kramer’s six-year-old son Billy en route to the bathroom.

As she stutters while introducing herself: "I'm a friend, uh, business associate of your father's," Billy, non-plussed, asks: "Do you like fried chicken?” Which is as good a question as any, we suppose.

If It Happened In Real Life: There’s a lesson here. Never walk around naked unless you know you’re alone in the house.

Starsky & Hutch

The Embarrassing Moment: An accidentally coked-up and very aggressive Starsky decides to challenge Dancing Rick to an “incredibly lame” disco dance-off, pulling out all the classic 70s moves – from the Wild West to the Big Rig – and, eventually, a gun when he loses.

If It Happened In Real Life: Starsky should’ve gone with the Bus Stop. Always a sure-fire winner.

Little Miss Sunshine

The Embarrassing Moment: When Olive finally gets to do her thing at the beauty pageant, she dedicates her performance to the man who taught her the moves – her grandfather – and launches into an overtly sexual burlesque routine to the strains of Rick James’ hit single, Super Freak.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’d do exactly what the Hoover family do, and join her on stage.