50 Most Embarrassing Movie Moments

Dinner For Schmucks

The Embarrassing Moment: Frustrated by Tim’s rejection, Darla decides to seduce Barry with a sexy leather outfit, a bit of dirty talk, and some light spanking. Unfortunately, he doesn’t get it at all, and proceeds to prance around the apartment whacking himself lightly on the arse.

If It Happened In Real Life: Ah, if only we were that innocent and naive.

In The Loop

The Embarrassing Moment: After moronic British minister Simon Foster inadvertently fuels talks of an invasion in the Middle East, he finds himself hopelessly out of his depth at a meeting with the Yanks and can only tell them: "In England we have a saying for situations such as this, which is that it's difficult, difficult, lemon difficult." He's not wrong.

If It Happened In Real Life: The depressing thing is, it probably does. Every day.

The King Of Comedy

The Embarrassing Moment: After meeting successful comedian and talk show host Jerry Langford, the deluded Rupert Pupkin becomes convinced his big break has come.

But Pupkin everything goes when, in an effort to impress his date Rita, he invites himself to Langford’s home only to be humiliatingly rebuffed.

If It Happened In Real Life: Ground. Swallow. Us. Whole.

Napoleon Dynamite

The Embarrassing Moment: Proving himself the best friend ever, Napoleon supports Pedro’s awkward bid to become class president by taking to the stage and performing an elaborate dance to the Jamiroquai classic, Canned Heat. There are pelvic thrusts and everything.

If It Happened In Real Life: You know what? We wish we could witness something like this in real life. It’s amazing.

Bridget Jones's Diary

The Embarrassing Moment: Britain’s own blonde bombshell makes her entrance at a tarts and vicars party in true style, dressed up like a Playboy bunny – complete with fluffy tail. Little did she know the theme had been nixed in favour of a much more civilised country affair.

If It Happened In Real Life: We’d find some clothes. And quickly.

Dumb and Dumber

The Embarrassing Moment: Harry’s date with Mary is well and truly ruined when he finds himself needing to relieve himself in the worst way possible thanks to a laxative-spiked beverage courtesy of a vengeful Lloyd. Business done, all is well and good in the world... until Mary reveals that the toilet’s broken and won’t flush.

If It Happened In Real Life: Ever felt the temptation to climb out of a window and disappear? Yeah, that.

Fantastic Four: Rise Of The Silver Surfer

The Embarrassing Moment: On his stag do, Reed Richards rocks some stretchy, twisty moves on the dance floor and impresses the laydeez. Talk about abusing powers. Unfortunately for Mr Fantastic, his bride-to-be interrupts the fun times with a sour face and a bunch of dudes in military garb. It’s definitely clobberin’ time.

If It Happened In Real Life: People would run from the club screaming at the sight.

Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince

The Embarrassing Moment: During an apparently sweet moment at The Burrow, Ginny notices one of Harry’s shoelaces is untied and bends down to do it for him. Not only is it the weirdest thing to do ever, it also positions Bonnie Wright’s head rather suggestively – not to mention inappropriately.

If It Happened In Real Life: It would be just as uncomfortable to watch. Why did David Yates do this to us?

Knocked Up

The Embarrassing Moment: Ben finds himself unable to satisfy heavily pregnant girlfriend Alison in the bedroom. She might be gorgeous, but all he can think about is poking the baby in the face. And then the baby decides to kick at the worst time possible – talk about ruining the moment.

If It Happened In Real Life: Any parents out there care to comment?

Annie Hall

The Embarrassing Moment: In a classic cringeworthy film dinner party scene, Alvy spends Easter with girlfriend Annie's wealthy family.

First, his joke about being in therapy falls completely flat, then he's sure that her grandmother is a "classic Jew hater," and finally he’s treated to a bizarre and dark after-dinner confession from her brother Duane.

If It Happened In Real Life: Eat the ham, and stay schtum. What else could anyone do?