50 Most Annoying Movie Brothers

Emile Ratatouille

The Movie Brother: Emile, rubbish-guzzling sibling to connoisseur chef Remy.

Why So Annoying: He’s the epitome of rat – dirty, mangy, thick. Sure, his lack of ambition isn’t surprising give he's a rat, but that doesn’t excuse him from being an annoying schlub. Until the end of the film, that is…

The Weasley Twins Harry Potter

The Movie Brothers: Fred and George Weasley, carrot-topped siblings to, among many others, Rupert Grint’s gurn-loving Ron.

Why So Annoying: Fred and George are chronic pranksters, so nothing’s safe when they’re around. Expect fireworks. And probably a few messy transmogrifications.

Elvis Free Willy 2: The Journey Home

The Movie Brother: Elvis, the estranged younger bro of Jesse (Jason James Richter), who pitches up when their mother dies.

Why So Annoying: ‘Annoying’ doesn’t even cover this kid. Sure, he’s had it rough, but he spends the entire film either getting in the way, disobeying his superiors, or making Jesse’s life a misery.

Cameron & Tyler The Social Network

The Movie Brothers: Both played by Armie Hammer (with body double Josh Spence), and pivotal in the creation of Facebook after they hire Mark Zuckerberg (Jesse Eisenberg) to programme a dating website.

Why So Annoying: They’re both smug, handsome rich boys who know that money can buy them anything. They deserve one another.

Smagol Lord Of The Rings: Return Of The King

The Movie Brother: Sméagol, the hobbit who eventually turns into twisted creature Gollum, corrupted by the One Ring.

Why So Annoying:
Annoying and murderous , it turns out, as Sméagol fights brother Déagol for the One Ring, and ends up killing him over it. Whatever happened to brotherly love?

Richie From Dusk Til Dawn

The Movie Brother: Quentin Tarantino’s glasses-donning, taped-up-hand-having brother to bad-ass Seth (George Clooney).

Why So Annoying: He doesn’t ever seem to understand the seriousness of any given situation, going so far as freeing hostages and then choosing a really inappropriate moment to argue over Seth calling him a “fucking nut”. Sigh.

Jack Lawless

The Movie Brother: The youngest of the Bondurant brothers, Jack (Shia Labeouf) is nowhere near as tough as Forrest (Tom Hardy) and Howard (Jason Clarke).

Why So Annoying: Desperate to prove he’s worthy of the Bondurant name, Jack gets up to all manner of mischief – you’ll have to go watch the film when it opens here in September to find out what kind of mischief that is.

Michael ET

The Movie Brother: Sixteen-year-old brother to 10-year-old Elliot (Henry Thomas) and five-year-old Gertie (Drew Barrymore).

Why So Annoying: Michael’s suffering from a serious case of olderbrotheritus, which means it’s his job to make his younger siblings feel as small and insignificant as possible. Which includes not letting Elliot play with him and his friends. Meanie.

Michael The Lost Boys

The Movie Brother: Shaggy-haired pretty boy, and brother to mouth-gaping Sam (Corey Haim). Sure he’s got style, but he’s also a douche.

Why So Annoying: What's with all the annoying brothers called Michael? Having an annoying younger brother is one thing, but having a moody older bro who starts hanging out with a pack of loser vampires is quite another – not least when said pack lays siege to your home. Fangtastic.

Tommy Warrior

The Movie Brother: A mountain of muscle and attitude, and estranged brother to Brendan (Joel Edgerton).

Why So Annoying:
Tommy’s caught in perpetual teendom, grunting rather than talking, sulking 24 hours a day and generally being an annoying tit. That said, he earns our sympathy.

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