50 Most Annoying Movie Brothers

Chet Weird Science

The Movie Brother: Uber-geek Wyatt Donnelly’s (Ilan Mitchell-Smith) older brother Chet (Bill Paxton) is an obnoxious military student.

Why So Annoying: If that wasn’t enough, Chet subjects Wyatt to physical and mental abuse like it’s going out of style. He steals money from him, points rifles at him, and finds him wearing purple panties…

Richard Richard III

The Movie Brother: Richard (Ian McKellen), the power-hungry Duke of Gloucester who’ll stop at nothing to claim the throne.

Why So Annoying: Family means nothing to Richard, who schemes to get the throne. How does he start? By having his brother, King Edward IV confined to the Tower of London…

Adam Magic Mike

The Movie Brother: A jobless youngling with no drive – until he meets flesh-flashing exhibitionist Mike (Channing Tatum).

Why So Annoying: Not only does he decide he fancies himself as a bit of a stripper, he also gets sucked into pedalling drugs and winds up vomiting all over somebody's nice carpet. Still, with those abs, he makes being a bad boy look so good.

Doughboy Boyz N The Hood

The Movie Brother : Doughboy (Ice Cube), brother to Ricky (Morris Chestnut), who’s always on the look out for trouble.

Why So Annoying: Though he looks out for his brother, Doughboy’s unable to look out for himself and is constantly in trouble with the law – not least when he’s caught shoplifting. He ends up in prison and doesn’t finish high school…

Rob Never Been Kissed

The Movie Brother: Rob (David Arquette), the cool-as-ice brother of geeky, awkward copy editor Josie Geller (Drew Barrymore).

Why So Annoying: Rob makes being popular look so easy – his effortless cool only helped magnify sister Josie’s geekiness while in high school. Making matters worse, he’s still the same when he takes part in Josie’s social experiment, infiltrating a school and instantly becoming the coolest kid on the block. Again.

Mark The Client

The Movie Brother: A mouthy little troublemaker who’s not afraid of anything, and excels at pinching ciggies from his mum’s purse.

Why So Annoying: Not only does he get younger brother Ricky into so much trouble that he becomes catatonic, Mark also lies and creates a lot of unnecessary stress for his single mother. Shame on him.

Bobby Coupe De Ville

The Movie Brother: Marvin (Daniel Stern) and Buddy’s (Arye Gross) younger sibling. Together, they’re tasked with driving their father’s 1954 Cadillac from Detroit to Miami.

Why So Annoying: Obviously, he’s the younger brother, which means he’s a rebellious know-it-all who likes nothing better than rubbing his siblings up the wrong way.

Septimus Stardust

The Movie Brother: Another scheming sibling, Septimus (Mark Strong) is not unlike Richard III, with his designs on the throne leading to murder most horrid.

Why So Annoying: He’s one of seven brothers (naturally, the youngest), and ensures that each one of his siblings meets a sticky death so that he can claim the throne. Of course, it all backfires in the end…

Mark & Marty Wild America

The Movie Brothers: The older brothers of Marshall Stouffer (Jonathan Taylor Thomas), and the butt of all their cruel jokes.

Why So Annoying: Marshall just can’t catch a break. Mark and Marty like to make him the star of their own stunts, which they video, then hold screenings of the footage for their friends.

Adam, Benjamin, Gideon, Frank, Daniel, Caleb & Ephraim Seven Brides For Seven Brothers

The Movie Brothers: The seven – count em – Pontipee brothers, who live in a cabin in the mountains. Ah, the good old days.

Why So Annoying: They’re all a bit annoying really, aren’t they? Constantly competing and showing off their foot-tapping skills, these guys are serious try-hards – and nobody likes a try-hard.

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