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50 Cent snubs rating system

50 Cent believes parents should buy their children his new gun-happy game Bulletproof, regardless of the child's age.

50 Cent Bulletproof has been rated 'Mature' in the US (17+) and 18 in the UK for its graphic violence, bad language and sexual themes.

The rapper told Reuters that he believes parents should sit down and play Bulletproof with their children, explaining what was happening as they did so.

Such a conversation would probably go like this: "Now I'm shooting this man in the head. And this man. And this man - look, you can see his head's actually exploded. I'm swearing and making jokes about it, can you hear?"

Despite making a mockery of the rating system at a time when gaming would benefit from a greater, not lesser, respect for it, Mr Cent apparently feels his game can be a teaching tool. We just dread to think what tasks he'd set for homework.