50 Cent: A hail of footage and facts

Following on from last week's that hip-hopper 50 Cent was set to appear in his own game, we now have the very first footage of the OG in action.

Under the title 50 Cent Bulletproof, this gritty game will follow the shot-up superstar as he fights crime in the New York underworld with help from his chum Dr Dre and his pals from G-Unit.

And while the man christened Curtis Jackson has claimed that he turned down the chance to appear in San Andreas, the designers of his game have obviously been influenced by Rockstar's mob father.

Once you've streamed the cutscene-driven clip you can also see the influences of more beat-'em-up-style games such as Snoop Dogg's True Crime and Method Man's Def Jam.

Alongside the game's new soundtrack of fresh beats from the cordite catching b-boy and his 'homies', the game will also feature a freestyle area where players can mix tunes in their own music lab.

Although the title still hasn't been officially announced, Mr Cent has decided to take time between sips of Krystal to speak about the game: "I'm out to destroy the competition and my videogame is no different," he said with just a touch of bravado. "I plan to shake up the videogame world like I did the rap world."

And while no publisher has tagged the title just yet, the keen eyed among you will spot that Vivendi Universal are the chaps with the copyright and author labels on the product.

So while we are out digging for more information, and we will let you know the second that we have any further facts, footage, formats or snaps.