50 Biggest Movie Fandoms


The Franchise: DC Comics' longest-serving superhero is also a mainstay on cinema and TV, although recent efforts have failed to best the definitive Christopher Reeve version.

The Fandom: While they are as dedicated as any comic-oriented fanbase, they know that Kal-El has always had a bumpy, hit-or-miss on-screen career - certainly, it felt like there was an element of "well, we didn't think it would be any good" to the backlash surrounding Man Of Steel .

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: Our own Sam Ashurst has spent the past five months trying to turn himself into Superman . Good luck Sam!

The Hunger Games

The Franchise: Picking up where Twilight left off, Suzanne Collins' trilogy of novels about a post-apocalyptic, teenage battle royale is on its way to becoming a four film extravaganza, with the second instalment ( Catching Fire ) out next month.

The Fandom: In theory, the mostly female Tributes are cut from the same cloth as Twilight's fanbase. However, reflecting the difference between kick-ass Katniss and simpering Bella Swan, there's a lot more girl power.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: The mom and two daughters who drove the six-hour journey from Chicago to Kentucky, dressed in Peeta-inspired clothing, to accost star Josh Hutcherson at his family home. On Boxing Day.

The Lord Of The Rings

The Franchise: Peter Jackson's Middle Earth-shattering trilogy of epic adventure, now augmented by three Hobbit -flavoured prequels.

The Fandom: Careful now. Don't confuse a Tolkienist (who applies a scholarly approach to the novels) with a Ringer (who are in it mainly for the storytelling) - the latter are most likely to be found at TheOneRing.net waiting for Jackson's latest video diary.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: The film's fans are amateur compared to Tolkienology, the quest to study and catalogue the linguistic complexities of the languages the author created.


The Franchise: We're speaking chiefly of the animated features, but Disney is so all-conquering it isn't a franchise so much as a way of life.

The Fandom: While there is no doubting that Disney fans participate in the usual activities - cosplay, collecting rare memorabilia such as animation cels - they also get to live their dreams at Disneyland. As one fan puts it, they "seek to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere, culture and magic [Walt Disney] created."

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: Encouraged by the studio, fans scour movies, theme parks and - to be honest - just about everywhere else in the hunt for a Hidden Mickey, a subtle silhouette of Disney's most famous creation.

James Bond

The Franchise: Gunbarrel. Stunt. Theme song. Gadgets. Girls. Evil henchman. Underground base. Post-coital quip. Credits.

The Fandom: A lifetime's Bank Holiday viewing means that notions of Bondage are deeply ingrained - hence the apoplexy that greeted the announcement of Daniel Craig's casting… at least, until everybody saw Casino Royale .

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: The decision to have the Queen arrive at the 2012 London Olympics opening ceremony by apparently parachuting from an aeroplane, escorted by Bond. The moment an entire nation became fans.

Star Trek

The Franchise: While it originated on telly, there's no denying that the film spin-offs - from the traditional Shatner models to J.J. Abrams' cheeky reboot - have kept the Enterprise boldly going for all this time.

The Fandom: Here's a test to see if somebody is a Trek fan. Call them a Trekkie. If they don't react, they're not a fan. If they give you a Vulcan nerve-pinch while hissing, "the correct term is Trekker," they're a fan.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: Klingon is a recognised language, which meant fans were able to put on a Klingon language stage production of A Christmas Carol . Awesome.

Harry Potter

The Franchise: The biggest-selling book series in the world became the biggest-grossing film series in the world. That's a lot of love.

The Fandom: Harry Potter holds the record for the most sought-after fan fiction online, presumably because everybody is writing it. As a result, J.K. Rowling gave the fans their own web playground, Pottermore, in which to play.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: How about starting a tribute band? Amongst the hitmakers on the Wizard Rock circuit are Draco and the Malfoys, the Moaning Myrtles and, of course, Harry and the Potters.

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

The Film: The film adaptation of Richard O'Brien's stage hit about a sweet transvestite from Transsexual, Transylvania holds the world record for the longest-running cinema release in history. Essentially, it's always on somewhere.

The Fandom: Rocky Horror addicts don't really see the film as something to sit down and watch, but as something to sing along to and throw things at.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: Put simply, if you're prepared to make some toast, carry it to the cinema and chuck it at the screen when a character proposes a toast, you're a devotee.


The Franchise: The five films adapted from Stephanie Meyer's young adult vampire saga might have been critically derided, but try telling that to the Twihards whose idolatry for Edward Cullen and Bella Swan knows no bounds.

The Fandom: There are fans, and there are Twihards. There are also - according to this glossary - several more sub-species of Twi-zealots.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: A week prior to the premiere of Breaking Dawn - Part Two , a fan camp was set up for the faithful to catch site of their beloved R-Pattz and K-Stew.

Star Wars

The Franchise: Three films that everybody loves + three films that cause even the most placid Jedi to contemplate turning towards the Dark Side.

The Fandom: Arguably, 'fandom' becomes meaningless when even your gran can tell R2D2 and C3PO apart. Even so, there are plenty of ways to measure the hardcore Star Wars fan, from whether they buy all of the novels, make fan-films or keep their ultra-rare Blue Snaggletooth toy in its box.

Most Amazing Example Of Devotion: Wookieepedia, the fan-led encyclopaedia of all things Star Wars which contains over 100,000 entries.