4 Ways Xbox One will change how you watch movies

The sun is rising on the next generation of games consoles, with Xbox One available to purchase in the UK from 22 November 2013.

Microsoft’s most powerful console to date, Xbox One is packed full of innovative new features, several of which are set to transform the home entertainment experience.

Xbox One will change how you watch movies, and below, we explore five of the features that have been designed to do just that…

Voice Control

The Xbox One will become the Jarvis to your Iron Man with an array of voice activated commands. Want to choose a film for the evening? Simply tell your Xbox One to select a specific title, and away you go: all Xbox One’s playback options available, without the touch of a button…

Vocal commands were previously possible with the Kinect add-on for Xbox 360, but the system is now in-built, with the Xbox One itself turned on with the simple command, “Xbox on”. No more rummaging for that remote…

Skype and Watch

Skype has been specially designed for Xbox One, to allow you to chat with family and friends across the world while using your home entertainment system. Better still, video calls are now fully HD, with the Kinect sensor working in tandem with your broadband connection to send one-to-one Skype video calls in full 1080p resolution.

You can even add a Skype video call alongside your other Xbox One activities, allowing you to watch a movie with a friend in a completely different time zone, via an audio link or a picture-in-picture video call. With Xbox One you can hold a movie night wherever, whenever.

Home Away From Home

With Xbox One, you can set up your own personalised home screen, allowing you easy access to your favourite games, applications and entertainment.

Staying with friends, but still want access to your movie collection? No problem. Sign into Xbox Live on any Xbox One, and your home screen, digital games, content, profile and saves come to you. All your movies will now be stored in the Cloud, meaning you can access them remotely. Home sweet home, wherever you are.

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