5 Unbeatable Moments From The Razzies

So The Golden Raspberries 2009 have been announced , but can any of the nominations possibly live up to the former glories (?) of previous winners.

While few celebs bother to turn up to collect their “honours”, we thought we’d take a look at some good sports and notable moments from the awards’ history. Because why should the golden baldie get all the fun?

1. Paul Verhoeven becomes the first “winner” to appear

Paul Verhoeven has directed some great films, like Robocop and Black Book. But he also made Showgirls. So it only seemed fair that when he scooped Worst Director and Worst Film for the glitzy Vegas cheese-fest, he made Razzie history by actually turning up at the ceremony to claim his prizes.

2. Brian Helgeland’s double shot

It’s not every filmmaker who can simultaneously win an Oscar and a Razzie, but Brian Helgeland managed it, winning the Academy gong for L.A Confidential and the Razzie for The Postman. While he didn’t attend the ceremony, he did ask to get the Raspberry and it was presented to him at his office on the Warners lot.[page-break]

3. Halle Berry accepts her award for Catwoman

[Pic Credit: G.R.A.F/Gus Mayoral]

Proving she’s got some guts, Halle Berry actually showed up to the ceremony to snag her award for Catwoman. And not only that, but she offered a self-deprecating speech that poked fun at herself, the director and studio too.

4. Wild Wild West’s Special Guest

Summer misfire Wild Wild West was an embarrassment for Barry Sonnenfeld and Will Smith after the triumph of Men In Black. But what about the men who had helped launch the TV show it was based on? Original series star Robert Conrad did the honours, picking up three of the movie’s five awards and slating the movie.[page-break]

5. Lindsey Lohan’s Clean Sweep

2007 was not exactly a banner year for Lindsay. Personal problems and work issues dominated the stories about her, and that was before I Know Who Killed Me Opened. It tanked, but Lindsay scored not only a joint Worst Actress – with herself, since she was playing two identical roles – but also Worst Screen Couple for those dual parts. Sadly, she declined to show up.

Question: What 2009 turkey do you think will be nominated today?

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