5 times the Dark Souls: Ashes of Ariandel gameplay showed it doesn't care about being fair

The Dark Souls games aren't just difficult because of the tough monsters you face or the ease with which they destroy you - they're also known for throwing all kinds of obstacles and traps into your path with little to no warning, challenging you to react quickly or die and remember not to do whatever it was you did last time.

Upcoming Dark Souls 3 DLC Ashes of Ariandel looks to continue this proud tradition, as new gameplay footage from the Tokyo Game Show demonstrates. Enjoy the full walkthrough first, or scroll down to enjoy some of our favorite moments where Ashes of Ariandel just didn't give a flying flask:

Oh boy, an item! Holy crap, a spear!

Yeah, this ground seems stable…

Time out, just gonna back away and drink thi-- ow, I said time out!!

I've heard of being thrown to the wolves, but this is ridiculous.

Pot will mess you up man.

Ashes of Ariandel will be available October 25.

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