5 new clips from American Reunion

American Reunion has previewed five new clips online, giving us a first taste of how the gang are doing after all these years. And naturally, sex is as high on the agenda as it ever was.

The new clips give us a look at the first awkward meeting between Oz and Heather, some more band camp memories, an awkward game of “I have neverâ€, a pep talk from Stifler, and another cringingly hilarious exchange between Jim and his dad.

You can take a look at all five, neatly bundled together into one video below…

No surprise to see Seann William Scott and Eugene Levy helping themselves to the best lines, with the latter’s anecdote about Uncle Mort sending Jason Biggs into yet another hand-over-eyes moment.

Some of the material looks a little hit and miss (band camp is starting to get a little old…) but we still can’t wait to see all the old faces back together again. American Reunion opens in the UK on 2 May 2012.

George Wales

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