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40 Funniest 2013 Movie Scenes

Iron Man 3 - The Mandarin's Bowels

The Funny Scene: After a marketing build-up positing The Mandarin (Ben Kingsley) as THE most tyrannical dictator any superhero has ever faced... turns out he’s just an actor called Trevor Slattery from Laaaandan.

Of course, he banters with Stark but the comedy nugget (ahem) lies in the scene’s opening when he emerges from a toilet sniggering “I wouldn’t go in there for twenty minutes." One of his beautiful femmes ventures inside and moments later lets out a sound indicating that foulness indeed still lingers.

Most Quotable Line: “Don’t hurt the face, I’m an actor.”

This Is 40 - Headteachers office

The Funny Scene: Summoned to the principal’s office with four decades of life experience to aid in their cunning deception of the headteacher, Rudd and Mann’s parenting duo hilariously downplay their childish roles in the incident in question.

Melissa McCarthy steals the scene, if not the entire feature with her wound-up conservative mom schtick. Her frothy anger steadily grows more heated, ’til it bursts into a climactic verbal barrage of insults.

Most Quotable Line: “I would like to rear up and jackknife my legs and kick you both in the f***in’ jaw with my footbone.”

The World's End - Rooftop jump

The Funny Scene: A gang of bodysnatchers hot on their tails, Gary (Simon Pegg) and Sam (Rosamund Pike) find themselves stranded on the roof, spotting Sam’s car parked fortuitously at the kerb.

Ignoring her suggestion to climb down the drainpipe, Gary outcools even McFly when it comes to stepping back blindly from ledges... until his slick descent turns into a big mass of drunken goth smashing into the carroof.

Most Quotable Line: Gary *croaking from the car roof* “Climb down the drain pipe.”

Frances Ha - Eatin' the pavement

The Funny Scene: Offering to pay for dinner on a night out, Frances (Greta Gerwig) discovers the restaurant only accepts credit cards. Not one to let that stop her, she legs it halfway across town, stopping strangers to ask for directions to the nearest ATM, finally arriving at one before agonising over the $3 charge.

Armed with cash, she hightails it back. And falls flat on her face on the pavement.

Most Quotable Line: “I’m so embarrassed, I’m not a real person yet.”

Filth - Photocockying

The Funny Scene: Drug-addled misogynist cop Bruce (James McAvoy) coerces his male co-workers into photocopying their tackle for the office females to then pair up to the corresponding bloke.

The real giggle here is Bruce’s repeated jabbing at the enlarge button in time to Culture Beat’s Mr Vain , rendering his member far larger than in reality, which bags him a babe to boink in the stationery cupboard.

Moments into their encounter she realises she’s been had, letting out an incredulous “What??”

Most Quotable Line: “Fuck me with that horse’s cock!”

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues trailer - Brick's funeral

The Funny Scene: The news team gather for the funeral of Brick Tamland (Steve Carell.) KVWN news director Ed Harken (Fred Willard) serves up a eulogy before turning it over to someone else who also knew the deceased. Brick.

Taking to the podium with an anguished howl of “Whhhhhhhy?” Brick is calmed down by the gang as Ron, Brian and Champ roll their eyes assuring him that he’s very much still alive.

Most Quotable Line: “Oh, sweet Brick.”

Django Unchained - No extra bags!

The Funny Scene: Plantation owner Spencer “Big Daddy” Bennett (Don Johnson) rallies his troops for a mission to capture and kill Django and Dr. King after they killed two of his workers.

Bennett briefs his crew as they convene under cover of darkness. Sliding his white bag over his head, he soon realises it’s mighty difficult to see through the tiny eyeholes and rips his bag, before throwing it off in anger.

The men argue over the effectiveness of the bags, cat-fighting like old ladies bickering about the perfect sponge at a W.I. meeting. Two men suggest if they don’t move their heads they can see alright, another (Jonah Hill) tears his apart and asks if anyone brought any extra before one guy loses it completely.

Most Quotable Line: “F**k all y’all! I watched my wife work all day making 30 bags for you ungrateful sons of bitches!”

Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa - The Boardroom Slap

The Funny Scene: Radio D-Jock Alan (Steve Coogan) pops into North Norfolk Digital’s boardroom for a spot of manipulative chatter with the guys in charge, in the hopes of elbowing his rival Pat Farrell out of a job.

Stood at the head of the table, awkwardly trying to remove his gloves “a bit like a nazi officer” - which, not bad enough he embellishes further: “I should slap my heels together shouldn’t I? Achtung!”

A young lad to his left pipes up “Guten Tag!”, who Alan proceeds to immediately swot round the head with his glove.

Most Quotable Line: “Don’t want to be an agenda bender but any chance we can have a quack quack.”

Thor: The Dark World - Hangin up the hammer

The Funny Scene: Jane (Natalie Portman) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth) return from Svartelfheim, clamber into her beat-up Volvo and head to her apartment.

They arrive at her bustling pad to find Erik (Stellan Skarsgard) ranting away sans trousers, while Darcy (Kat Dennings) deadpans after noticing Jane’s flowing Asgardian get-up.

Thor steals the biggest laugh as he hovers near the coat rack, hesitant and cautious before hanging his hammer alongside everyone’s coats.

Most Quotable Line: (Darcy to Jane) “You went to a party?”

This Is The End - The Jizz Off

The Funny Scene: The lewdest of the lewd. James Franco and Danny McBride’s “jizz off” escalates from an innocent enquiry about who had alone-time fun with another man’s jazz mag into an all-out cumtest.

McBride’s riffing goes on and on, as he endlessly lists off all the places in Franco’s bachelor pad he’s gonna jack off... until it spirals into a tug of war (guffaw!) between the two frenemies.

Most Quotable Line: “I’ve been dropping loads around this house like a goddamn dumptruck!”

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